PLUS Loans and Retiree Parents

I have a question for anyone who has had experience with this or has dealt with anyone who’s experienced this. I have an elderly father on Social Security and who is a retired senior citizen who has to start paying on the PLUS Loan on 9/30. I have tried contacting and MOHELA and all I’ve gotten is pre-recorded automated messages and calls from both entities.

Is there a way where paying the PLUS Loan can be pushed back due to my family’s situation?

Here are links for options, but I have a couple of questions. How old are the loans? Who was the student? How old is the student? If the student is now an adult, can they switch the loan to the student or can the student take over the payments?

What exactly is the special family situation? Is it because the father is retired and on SS now? That is not a reason for doing anything but paying on those Plus Loans.

There has been a long pause in payments for these loans. What plans were being made to repay them before the pause.

Read the link posted above to find out options for repayment.