Plz advice me.

<p>I am an asian immigrant and came here only in my junior year.
I really want to got to Hopkins. My SAT score is 2150.But my GPA from my country is only 3.6.
I got all A's here and took 3 AP science classes. How can I increase my selection chances. I also have some Math awards this year and plan to start a Chemistry club in my school. Will they consider the fact that I got all A's in US.</p>

<p>Plz help me.</p>

<p>They will take into consideration that your country probably has grade deflation and certainly will look at the uptick in your GPA now that you are in the US, as long as the classes you are taking are the most rigorous . I think you have a shot. Get straight A's the first semester of your senior year. Get great recs and write solid essays. Make sure to re-take the SAT to try to raise that score somewhat.</p>