Plz grade my essay (SAT II Writing)

<p>on a scale of 12 [i'm sure most of u all know that ;)]</p>

<p>A great decision was made when ---------------</p>

<p>India gained its independence on the 15th of August 1947, and since then has prospered as a nation. The freedom which we Indians now enjoy was due to the efforts of many freedom fighters, but most notably due to the efforts of one small man Mohandas Karamchand Ganghi. </p>

<p>Revered all around the world as the 'Mahatma', which means great soul, Gandhi introduced a new movement known as the non cooepration movement. The collective decision made by an entire nation to revert to a non violent policy was, and is one the greatest decisions ever made. For it brought about the swift decline of British rule in India. The Non Cooperation Movement provided the Indian Freedom Struggle the impetus required to escape from the clasps of th British. Under the movement the masses were instructed not to comply with any of the british demands. The people were asked not to raise their hands on any britisher and were told to tolerate any punishment. Not trained to counter such a movement, the British were unable to control the situation and finally were forced to give India its independence.</p>

<p>We Indians are still reaping the benefits of this great decision which was made nearly 80 years ago. India is now the largest democracy in the world and we must be thankful to the Mahatma for his contributions and his wise decisions.</p>

<p>how is it?? I think its quite bad and i also know its short ( i wrote one more para but i cant recall it), rate it on 12 plz.</p>

<p>oops typo, "due to the efforts of one small man Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi."</p>

<p>anyone?? i'm getting pretty tensed here!!!!!</p>

<p>6/12, +/- a point.</p>

<p>Best to do is to use three different examples, one from history, one from literature, and one from current events. You only have three paragraphs. Make it five. Keep it sweet and simple. Think fourth grade when you first learned how to write essays. They had a format for you to follow. Follow it, because the graders aren't looking for a literary prodigy. Cheers!</p>

<p>The prompt was "A great decision was made when _____" so I think one example should suffice</p>

<p>Astrix how would you rate it?? i had one more para!</p>

<p>IMO you could get between 6-8</p>

<p>Some grammar lapses but good content</p>

<p>anyone else?? is there any possibility for a 9??</p>

<p>This would earn a 7-8/12. It would not be a 9. Keep in mind that I'm an SAT tutor.</p>

<p>thanx for ur comments, anyone have any suggestions coz i'm bound to retake Writing in DEC</p>

<p>"Best to do is to use three different examples, one from history, one from literature, and one from current events. You only have three paragraphs."</p>

<p>I beg to differ. In May, the prompt was "What seems, is not always what is." I remember writing only 4 paragraphs. A short intro, 2 bodies, and a short conclusion. I only used 2 examples. One literary example on Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and a real life example about a friend. I used up all the space though (I have kinda big writing though) and I got a 10.</p>

<p>so awakenedream it sounds like you used a current event (friend) and litterature example?</p>

<p>There seems to be confusion on whether or not you use one example or doesn't matter, does it?</p>

<p>I at least feel it's about how complete it feels</p>

<p>This essay was closed really bad, when you don't tie the knot the knot ties your score.</p>



<p>I also disagree with this. I took the test in June and used only 1 personal example and ended up with a subscore of 11. I think as long as your content is coherent and has flow and GOOD organization, you should score well.</p>

<p>So where should i improve,
so far only the ending?!?</p>