plz help me with my recommendation letter :(

Hi, I am an international student and I’m preparing for state universities admission in this coming fall. I have already asked two of my teachers to write me recommendation letters, but since I am the translator I don’t think the tone is professional enough. I’m very afraid that the tone might sound the same and I’m not sure if my trying-to-translate-words-by-words would fully convey the things my teachers want to talk in the letter, so I would be very grateful if I can just seek help from a native American.
Plz help me
Thank you very much thank you thank you :frowning:

Does your school have a teacher who teaches English? Have you tried reaching out to a low level American Embassy worker there in your country? (This sounds crazy, I know, but it may an act that really makes someone who is bored and without much to do feel great.)

You should know that if are going to mail the letters to the universities after you have translated them, you will nullify the validity of the letters. They must come directly from your teachers or educational institution.

@Waiting2exhale I haven’t tried to ask for an American Embassy but I’ll give it a try. I ask my English teacher to translate it for me but she just said that she was not familiar to translating???!!

You definitely will need help, as you clearly know. This is such a serious undertaking as to be critical.

Have you any contact with English speaking missionary or religious groups there? That should certainly yield some excellent results.

I did post this on the fb group of American people living in Vietnam but there has been no response… With my word-by-word translation I’m afraid the letter may sound like one from an amateur or something that is no professional… thanks for the advice and support though hugs @Waiting2exhale