plzz Chance me for Ivies =)

<p>haha cant believe im actually asking ppl to chance me after so many years of reading other ppl's threads.</p>

<p>I plan to major in civil engineering, a non-resident citizen currently in HK, born in US with passport and all. I'm ethnically american chinese.
I take the IB diploma in school and did GCSEs be4</p>

<p>GCSEs - 5A*4A1B, i got a B in first language chinese and A in additional mathematics - both very challenging courses.</p>

<p>Predicted - around 40/42, so probably 42-44 with TOK/EE points
HL math - 7
HL phy - 7
HL eng - 6/7 more likely 7 depending on how well my WL essay goes
HL chinese B - 7
SL chem - 7
SL history - 5/6 unsure yet</p>

<p>SAT score - 2230 (CR: 690, M:800, W:740) First time round, not planning retake
SAT II - math 800 phy 800</p>

<p>Loads of major math awards, but to pick 5:
British math Olympiad - distinction
AIME - 8 points, best in school.
HK math olympiad - placed 16th in around 1000 candidates (gold medal/top of school)
south east asia math competiton - 2nd place (2009)
purple comet international competition - school team leader - 25th in 1620 teams (honorable mention)</p>

<p>piano - taking fellowship diploma (3rd diploma) this december, already passed 2nd diploma two years ago.</p>

hosted and planned 2010 south east asia math competitoon 2010 in HK
tutor and mentor of 11th grade student for her GCSEs
student council class rep - 7th grade till now (6 years running)</p>

<p>community service/ work exp
went to dongguan china for a week to teach under-privileged primary school children english and mathematics.
2 week summer internship at a solicitor's office this coming summer, maybe get a letter of rec.</p>

11th grade - school basketball team for ESF league.
after that I am playing for a local team in a HK league - we're top of our division. </p>

<p>I'm applying to the law schools in UK but also planning to apply to US cos thats where I was born and im thinking of Berkeley, Cornell, maybe stanford or yale or penn. I know there are loads of ppl who know a ton about US universities and any feedback on chances would be really appreciated. =) thanks guys</p>

<p>IB predicted is good, SAT is average for international, SAT IIs are good, ethnicity put your at a disadvantage (US born doesn't help if you live elsewhere now), awards are good, leadership is lacking slightly, same with community service. Piano is also typical of Asian applicants.</p>

<p>Many achievements are vague and seem somewhat exaggerated - without more information one would presume that you were the head honcho in charge of organizing SEAMC, which is most probably not true. Adcoms would not ponder over the extent to which you hosted the tournament and would just presume you're exaggerating and undermine all your other achievements.</p>

<p>Write good essays.</p>

<p>UC Berkeley - 50%
Cornell - 30%
Stanford - 10%
Yale - 10%
Penn - 20-25%</p>

<p>I could give a lot more comments.. but they would be longer than your entire post.. if you're interested PM me.</p>