PLzzzz help me!!!!! Write as long a response as possible. thankyou

<p>So hes the story. I took my first subject test beginning of Junior year. I got sick the day of the test and went and took the test anyway because I was told i had "score choice". Not knowing how Sat2s works, I omitted too many questions and got a 620. ON saturday I took 1c again aiming for a perfect score. I don't think I scored anywhere near the 800 because I think i got from 5-8 questions wrong. I am expecting from 700-720 I am willing to prepare over the summer for the test but I worried I shouldnt retake the 1c for a third time because colleges wouldnt like it. If I know i can get a 790 or a 800 in ocotber is it okay i take it a third time?</p>

<p>I'm not an expert, but I doubt colleges would look down on steady improvement, especially going from 620 to 800.</p>