Podcast recommendations?

Anyone have any podcast recommendations? :relaxed:

I’ve been listening them all the time lately - while doing chores, cooking, driving, walking.

These are a few I’ve been enjoying (some new, some classic)

Everything Happens for a Reason Podcast - Kate Bowler
Kelly Corrigan Wonders Kelly Corrigan Wonders | iHeartRadio
Fresh Air Fresh Air : NPR
Happier with Gretchen Rubin https://gretchenrubin.com/podcasts/


Love Kelly Corrigan! These have been on my rotation this summer…

The Art of Happiness-Arthur Brooks (Atlantic writer)

Huberman Lab- Dr. Andrew Huberman (Stanford prof- all science)

Ask Lisa- Lisa D’Amour (NYT writer, psychologist)

The Ted Interview (from Ted Talks)


Thanks, Search 2022!! Will check them out. I’m so interested in what other people are listening to. I spend more time podcasting than reading these days!

My all time favorite is Freakonomics (MANY episodes). Also the Moth Story hours is good (many episodes, each with a few storytellers talking on one theme). Other’s I’ve enjoyed include Serial, Dr Death, Marc Maron (many epidsodes), Planet Money.


If you’re a fan, Office Ladies is almost mandatory.

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Like most forms of entertainment, different people have different tastes. There are various lists of most popular or trending podcasts, such as the one at The Chartable Top 200 podcast charts - Chartable , nd there also many reviews and ratings of podcasts.
Some of the podcasts I regularly listen to are below. Others may or may not enjoy them

Like Series
Anime Out of Context
Hidden Brain
Land of Giants
Planet Money
Stuff You Should Know

Like Some Episodes
Revisionist History
TED Radio Hour
This American Life
You’re Wrong About

Like Story
Dirty John
Doctor Death
Limetown (only season 1)
The Bright Sessions (only early seasons)


Just be aware this is a list that podcast have to sign up for to be included. It’s not all podcasts.

And their purpose

we help tens of thousands of podcasters… grow their audiences.
And we help advertisers understand and harness the power of audio by measuring their ads’ effectiveness, so the most engaging content gets rewarded.

Just started the 2nd season of The Dropout- Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos by Rebecca Jarvis.

Have always enjoyed How I Built this.

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Colorado_mom - I’ve listened to Freakonomics and the Moth also! Sometimes the Moth is sad though which I have to admit I avoid a bit…!

Thanks for that list, Data10! I will check some of them out. Have listened to a few. I forgot to mention my top fav podcast lately - Maintenance Phase w/Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes (he’s the co-host of You’re Wrong About). Such a funny, smart, & well-researched take-down of various aspects of the weightloss/wellness industries! I laugh aloud during each episode and learn somthing new each time.

Thanks for the insights RichInPitt.

Leftrightleft - I enjoy How I Built This on NPR will have to try the podcast too!

(I knew I’d get a lot of smart and interesting recs from this group! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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Under the influence, about the influencer industry and social media. I found it fascinating.

It was said by Jon Meacham, great podcast voice. Talks about history (duh!) Also does Hope through History.

Origins by James Andrew Miller. Does deep dives about Curb your Enthusiasm, Almost Famous, Sex and the City and SNL.

And if you like reality tv, I like Reality Life with Kate Casey.

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I posted this thread last year. Lots of great suggestions. Podcasts that DON’T have random chatter at the beginning...


Listened to a ton of podcasts. These are the best in their genre.
History: “BBC History Extra”, “History This Week”
Silly Interviews: “Smartless”
Mystery Crime with zero blood: “The Cooper Vortex” start from 1st episode
Crime: “Criminal”
College Basketball: “Titus & Tate”

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Now and Then for Heather Cox Richardson fans. History and not too much chatter.


The Daily - good news update for me on current events.

Satellite Sisters - long running podcast from 3-5 sisters about women’s issues, current events, entertainment news, books, etc.

If you like Happier/Gretchen Rubin, Happier From Hollywood hosted by her sister Liz Craft and her writing partner

Armchair Expert (on Spotify only now)

Recipe Club - 3 chefs take an everyday food product (instant ramen, pillsbury tube dough,bisquick) and have to make a recipe from it and also make the other two chefs recipes - they discuss and pick a winner


This Moth podcast is one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard. (If you have vacationed in Cape Cod and/or known Catholic families that adored Kennedy clan it is especially fun) - The Moth | Stories | Eye Spy

Same story/storyteller in video - The Moth Presents Michaela Murphy: Eye Spy - YouTube


Thanks for these additional recs! So great!

Haha Lindagaf funny title for your thread from last year. Agree, the ‘chit chat & attempted humor in the intro’ of some podcasts makes me switch them off immediately, lol.

I always find it fascinating that there are so many good podcasts. And so many different ones. I only listed ones that I thought others wouldn’t mention. Because the really popular ones are easy to find. It’s the hidden gems that are so interesting


Do folks care about podcast episode length? When running, I like them 40 to 45 minutes (or a little longer ok, since I usually walk afterward). For walking or gardening, any length is fine.

In May we took a big road trip, so I subscribed to Audible. It was kindof fun to listen to audio books in the car and sometimes with other activities too.


I don’t worry about finishing a podcast in one “sitting “ - I often listen to 1/2 on my way to work and 1/2 later