Point Loma

<p>Do any of you have any thoughts on the quality of education you can receive at Point Loma Nazrene University?</p>

<p>It is an EXCELLENT school. I know several graduates personally - they loved their experiences at PLNU. Lots of personal attention, very nuturing environment, top notch teachers. Of course, the campus is stunningly beautiful - right on the ocean. However, it is a religiously-affiliated school - a radical liberal atheist probably wouldn't be happy there. ;) But overall, I'd say you could get a very good quality education there.</p>

<p>Do you know anything about the business program there? I've gone to a small Christian school and i have been at ASU the past 2 years but i have not enjoyed it there. I'm looking for a private school again but i just need to make sure that they have a good quality business program because i'm leaving a very good one.</p>

<p>Business is one of the strongest programs at Point Loma. Probably not as well-known or strong as ASU but still strong. If you've gone to a small Christian school, PLNU will be a nice fit for you. It is a great school - be sure to visit and talk to some of the business professors when you do. I think you will be satisfied with your choice. An alternative to consider would be Pepperdine - a little better known, very strong business program, comparable to ASU in quality, Christian atmosphere, larger than PLNU though. Best of luck.</p>

<p>Hey Carolyn,
Thanks for your insight again, i really appreciate it. Do you know if it hurts my chance to attend a decent MBA program if i go to a lesser known business school?</p>