Point of "Chance Me" threads?

<p>What's the point of "chance me" threads?</p>

<p>From what I've seen, tons of people post them here...</p>

<p>Yet few people get any input at all, much less good input. </p>

<p>Actually, most of them are ignored.</p>

<p>If someone wanted to know how they compared to other applicants, there's a stat profile search bar to look up people who've gotten into every college under the sun. It's actually really helpful. More so than "Harvard's a reach for you" or similar inane comments. </p>

<p>(Common sense is also helpful.) </p>

<p>All these "Chance me's"...why do they persist?</p>

<p>Because there's practically nothing you can do between when you submit your application and when you hear back from your colleges to improve your chances, so you seek validation from the internet.</p>

<li>The previous poster is correct. You want to feel good.</li>
<li>Sometimes, it helps students select good matches as well.</li>

<p>As someone who does post chance threads, it's a way to fill time and lessen the anxiety that builds as time passes. :P</p>

<p>The bad thing about chance threads though is when people will respond and say they have a great chance and not to worry. Then they get a rejection and it is way more frustrating for the person. </p>

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<p>It's mainly consolation.</p>

<p>They make me feel loved when my report cards don't!</p>

<p>Not everybody uses Chance Me after they submit the application. Some people uses chance to know which schools they should apply to and which is just a plain waste of time and money.</p>

<p>Whither or not you get in to a college depends on much more than just GPA and test scores, so this "stat profile search bar" is truly not accurate. So, people post chance threads in hopes of getting more accurate opinions from students, parents, and others who may be better at analyzing an applicant rather than just viewing how they compare using numbers.</p>

<p>No one on CC can give an accurate chance, not even the admissions personnel. You have to be looked at together with all other applicants. Frankly, chance threads should be banned from CC. When I first started, I was naive and posted them. Now I see the light.</p>

<p>I believe CC is a more accurate estimator for chances then looking at average test scores and GPA's. And of course CC is highly flawed, I never said it was giving you an accurate chance. People are not so naive to believe so highly in the comments of any person on here, or at least I am not. I would never say that any chance on CC is accurate, but most responses to chances are if a school is a reach, match or safety or along the lines of "you have a good chance" or "you have a bad chance", not absolutes that determine exactly if someone will get in. If you want to ban chance threads then ban all chance indicators on the web, especially those who do so with only numbers.</p>

<p>I don't get it, though! Most of the people who comment on "chance me" threads turn right around and say "chance me back?" in the same breath with the link to their own "chance me" thread attached! </p>

<p>So how does this really help people feel better/select better match schools?</p>