Point of Music Supplement?

<p>Let's say Applicant A has an unusual talent at an instrument, but has no major/unusual accomplishments to back it up besides holding principal chair of a regional youth orchestra and some regional competitions. He wants to send recordings because he doesn't feel his talent is reflected by his application.</p>

<p>Applicant B is competent, but not amazing, at an instrument (so no major awards either) and has the same honors as Applicant A. </p>

<p>Both A and B feel that the instrument is vital to his identity.</p>

<p>Who should send a supplementary CD? Will it even be considered for either of them? Is there only one point to sending a CD (to be "recruited"), or can it have the effect of an "essay"?</p>

<p>There are a lot of threads about this in the Music Major forum--take a look. The general wisdom is that you should submit a music supplement only if you are really, really accomplished. In your example, it might make sense for A to send one, especially if he has a teacher/conductor telling him he's highly accomplished. For B, it's much more questionable.</p>