poker in college

<p>Poker has pretty much become my life the last year or so; I spend all my free time playing it. I know every college/university is different, but how is the poker scene at your school?</p>

<p>huge, games almost every night in multiple places, but there's an elite poker ring that plays $20 buy-ins at a bigger study lounge. i hear they play until early morning, and that theyre really good. but it seems as if the fad is dying a bit, or at least since fall quarter, when i kept getting calls to play poker.</p>

<p>we have tournaments every friday, usually $10 buy-ins</p>


<p>someone did texas holdem for a presentation last semester.. that should tell you how big it is at college.</p>

<p>my classmates in HS do $2 buy in so the winner only gets 20 bucks but then the loser isn't out much either</p>

<p>$10 isn't too bad either since you are usually playing a long time........i think of it as seeing a movie, its an evening of entertainment</p>

<p>I've got to play for at least $10-20 buy-in...otherwise, I just don't care enough to play well. I lose my focus and play recklessly when it's $2-5.</p>

<p>Poker on our campus is continuing to get more and more popular. Cool you guys were talking about this as I was thinking of taking up's offer of being a rep for them on our campus. A friend of mine does it down south, and doesnt make a TON, but makes a few hundred bucks a week and works like 10-15 hours during the entire week. Thoughts on their stuff?</p>


<p>usually buy ins on campus will start around $5...they can go up pretty high though...and it's usually winner take all, but I'm sure you can find a few walk offs</p>

<p>I love poker, and I can get a game all the time, but everyone plays hold em. I love hold em, dont get me wrong, but it gets old after a while. 7 card stud maybe, ill go for draw even</p>

<p>im in the same boat, i got addicted a few months ago.</p>

<p>i hope that people play at university of maryland...</p>

<p>if you go to an "upper end" college, DO NOT play poker with boarding school kids. they play every night of the week pretty much and are amazing and will steal your money. speaking from experience here</p>