Poli Sci Classes Winter Quarter

<p>Greetings CC members,
I am a freshmen at ucr majoring in poli sci. I wanted to know what classes I should take for my winter quarter of my freshmen year. I am taking English 1B or 1C depending on which one I can take after my Ap Lang score test took care of IA, Biology 3 and LNCR 35 (I know i should have taken it earlier BAD DECISION). I am also doing pre med which is why i am taking bio but I also want to know what classes would be most suitable in advancing my Poli Sci major.
Also is it still possible to change majors to a CNAS major. I heard that to be eligible to change majors you had to finish LNCR in the fall quarter? I am willing to take a full summer load to get back on missed time. Would that make a difference?</p>