Poli Sci undergrad and Law School

My son is majoring in Political Science, thinking of Law School later on. How much does your undergrad matter when applying to law school?

It matters some (especially if you’re aiming for T14) but the biggest factors are GPA and LSAT score.

Honestly, this is the worst possible combination. The reason I say this is - everyone does it - and schools want diversity - so they’d rather have an engineer or mathematician, or earth sciences person.

Your son should study what he wants - not try to fill the “logical” hole. Poli Sci is by far the most common major.

Many students major in it for that reason - but honestly, you can choose what you want and schools will lke if you have something different. If he loves and wants to study government, that it’s great.

btw - many a lawyer hates it - so he might try and get an internship or job shadow, etc. before he takes that plunge.

Good luck.


Good input. Thank you.

We have a lot of family who are non-practicing lawyers and would agree with you about the field!

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It matters very little. GPA and LSAT matter most. A few of the tippy top ones also really care about ECs, LORs, and essays. Major matters very little.

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I would also add, that unlike years ago, some of the tippy top law schools seem to be reducing quite significantly the number of straight from college students they’re accepting. Harvard and Penn for example:

Just something to consider for the future.

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