Police in riot gear after Super Bowl

<p>How many Universities can say that police in riot gear had to calm the crowd and arrest 14 people after the Super Bowl? UMass Amherst should be so proud! Ridiculous once again...even after students were warned about such behavior well before the weekend! Makes me embarrassed to call UMass Amherst our Flagship school!</p>

<p>Almost every university in the country has had that happen at some point</p>

<p>The problem is at UMass Amherst, it occurs more often than it should. It's hardly a one or two-time thing!</p>

<p>Riot police are a sign of a healthy and active student body.</p>

<p>It occurs just as often at other universities. If you were in another state listening to the news you would hear about them. And only 1500 students out of the 27000 students were involved. That's the minority of the students. It's not umass, it's the students who were raised to act in a irresponsible manner</p>

<p>What Chuy said</p>

Riot police are a sign of a healthy and active student body.


<p>No, riot police are a sign of a drunk student body.</p>