Policies on taking the SAT I more than 3 times?

<p>I've ****ed up the SAT each time i've taken it so far. I took it 3 times during my junior year w/out preparing, and that was definitely a mistake. </p>

<p>If i know for sure that i can get a significantly higher score (100+) the 4th time, should I do this? </p>

<p>I'm applying to liberal arts schools predominantly (Vassar, Oberlin, etc); does anyone know what their policy is? I would assume that they don't do the averaging thing...</p>

<p>Have you improved a little each time? If your absolutely POSITIVE that you can improve drastically the fourth time, it's better than having three bad scores.</p>

<p>K. Well, i took the tests in March, May, and June of my junior year, and my highest score in 1 sitting as 1320 (700v and 620m). </p>

<p>I recently took a practice test out of the 10 reals after looking over ACT material, and I got 800v, 690m. That would be a significant increase...</p>

<p>I took mine four times; I hope that won't look too bad. I <em>did</em> improve my score pretty drastically the fourth time, though (and the first time I took it was in 10th grade).</p>

<p>moocow961, with an increase that dramatic on your practice test, I VERY STRONGLY recommend that you retake</p>

<p>Go for it, it's worth the fourth time if you improved so much on 10R, i am behind you all the way :). I would do that too, but i am too dumb, only a 600 on verbal!!! after 3 times. I am too lazy to do it again. But if you believe in it, you'll do well, best of lucks :).</p>

<p>you should definitely retake it. you should at least get a 1400, based on that score you got from 10R.</p>