Policy Forum: Bringing moderation back to politics

<p>Dear all interested in politics:</p>

<p>Are you concerned with the way America was split in two during this
election season? Are you afraid that the tendency of pundits and
ideologues to artificially divide us in two on partisan grounds is both
inaccurate and wrong? Do you fear that partisan hacks such as Michael
Moore and Al Franken on the left and Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh on
the right are making it difficult to espouse moderate positions and are
essentially destroying rational, coolheaded political discussion in America?</p>

<p>If so, there is now a place on the web where you can take part in the
crucial discussion about what the 2004 election meant and what direction
American policy should take in the coming years. At the brand-new
website Policy Forum, <a href="http://policyforum.blogspot.com"&gt;http://policyforum.blogspot.com&lt;/a>, you can read along as
informed students from the University of Chicago, the University of
Michigan, Penn and elsewhere post their thoughts, ideas and analysis on
political issues, and you can comment or contribute your own thoughts
and responses. The students come from all perspectives - conservative,
liberal, moderate and other - and we hope that we will draw a diverse
readership as well. The idea is to have a nonpartisan and balanced
forum for the intelligent, coolheaded, reasoned debate of political issues.</p>

<p>We are still sprucing up the site, but the conversation has begun and we
need your readership, comments, and written contributions to make this
project as successful and possible and work toward bringing rational
debate back into American communities and healing the bitter, false
partisan divide left by the 2004 election. So, we ask you to join the
conversation. Visit policyforum.blogspot.com today and leave your
comments on the posts. If you have a specific article or post you would
like to contribute, email it to <a href="mailto:policyforum@comcast.net">policyforum@comcast.net</a> and we will
consider publishing it. Most importantly, spread the word about the
Policy Forum - link to us on your sites, blogs and AIM profiles and
forward this email to all of your friends who take an interest in
political issues.</p>

<p>America has been divided, and the time has never been more ripe for the
sort of balanced, moderate, intelligent, issue-oriented political debate
that makes informed democracy work. Join the conversation. Visit
<policyforum.blogspot.com> today.</policyforum.blogspot.com></p>


<p>Charlie Quigg
Editor, policyforum.blogspot.com</p>