Political atmosphere at these colleges?

<p>What can you guys tell me about the political atmosphere as a whole at</p>




<p>According to the Diversity Report published this week for Williams:</p>

<p>55% - 60% said their "Political views are far left or liberal"</p>

<p>6% - 14% said their "Political views are conservative or far right"</p>

<p>The percentages vary in the ranges above, by race or ethnicity. I would expect Yale and Dartmouth to be roughly the same since they attract largely the same students.</p>

<p>Your best bet would be to read the campus publications for the three colleges. Williams has one paper--The Williams Record. Yale has a good half-dozen, accessible from the website. Dartmouth is trickier....you can access the administration-approved student publications from the college website...but the most famous conservative student paper in the country--The Dartmouth Review--is officially banned by the administration. So you will have to find The Review's privately-funded website here: <a href="http://www.dartreview.com/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.dartreview.com/&lt;/a>
But Dartmouth doesn't have any speech codes!!!!! Just ask the administration :)</p>

<p>To elaborate: Williams is not a particularly political place, and while you can find political debate if you want it, it's not a defining characteristic of the place. Yale, on the other hand, is famous for its very popular political debate clubs. It's liberal overall, just as is the case with any other elite college, but you can mix it up if you want to, and still be friends. Although the constant labor strikes have really got to be a drag. Dartmouth has a largely liberal student body, like all the others, but has a reputation for an excessively obnoxious PC administration and faculty.</p>

<p>politics play almost no role in college, 95% of the college campuses will be liberal.</p>

<p>Political atmosphere, however, is a different thing, and can play a very big role in a college experience.</p>

<p>Yale extremely liberal, Dartmouth/ Williams very liberal. Dartmouth and Williams more tolerant of conservative viewpoints, but liberal dominated overall.</p>