Political atmosphere

<p>how liberal would u consider bates? how about in relation to other LACs?</p>

<p>During coming-out week Bates Students wrong Pro-Gay slogans all over the sidewalk of the quad.</p>

<p>I am the most liberal person I know, living in Arkansas. I was conservative, maybe Moderate at Bates.</p>

<p>Bates is a very liberal school. Mind you there are still quite a few conservatives, BUT the majority are liberal, open minded people! :) I loved it there.</p>

<p>is everyone politically correct?</p>

<p>i'm liberal and sometimes i feel as though things are a little too PC for my taste</p>

<p>I assume its like every school, some people are PC, some aren't. The ones I were around weren't too wrapped up in it, but some I saw were like the "What do you prefer to be called?" to a gay person (Queer, Homosexual, Gay, etc.)</p>

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<p>I would say most people aren't "too" politically correct--most everyone's aware of what he/she says and trys to be fair, etc. However, I live on a floor in a hall where it's been decided (mutally, though I wasn't involved) we can't say or call someone anything offensive: stupid, retarded, dumb, etc. In my opinion, this is a little "too" P.C., but I'm willing to comply.</p>


<p>Can you be yourself on campus?</p>

<p>you certainly can. there are a great deal of gays on campus, and the rest of the students are very open.</p>