Political Preferences?

<p>To which side do you CCers lean? Are you liberal? Conservative? Democrat? Republican? Freak Party?</p>

<p>moderate leaning liberal / Democratic Party</p>

<p>moderate Democrat</p>

<p>moderate Libertarian</p>

<p>Liberal Democrat...very liberal....</p>

<p>dem all the way</p>

<p>I'm the first Conservative to reply!!!</p>

<p>VERY conservative!!</p>

<p>Democrat - Liberal on economic issues, moderate on social issues</p>

<p>I am conservative on gun control, and somewhat liberal on other stuffs.</p>

<p>I'm Republican (Conservative), although I really don't have a problem with homosexuals marrying, as I am an Atheist, so I don't believe marriage is "a sacred union between a man and woman"...Marriage has existed for thousands of years, even before Christianity, so I think it's inane to define marriage in such a way that it reflects a religion, esp. since there's supposed to be a separation between church and state in this country...</p>

<p>I think that marriage should remain between a man and a woman, not just because of Christianity, but because of most religions and more importantly because of natural law. No matter what you believe in, the universe was created in such a way that certain things just have to be the way they are. I completely support allowing same sex unions as long as they aren't called marriage because they just aren't.</p>

<p>Keep this a political preference thread please. Take up other topics in new threads. Don't wanna sound like "mom" but keep this the way it is.</p>

<p>moderate/centrist leaning slightly to the left</p>

<p>Crypto is right - don't get off topic</p>

<p>Moderate is the way to go - being "very liberal" or "very conservative" is a very bad thing, IMHO</p>

<p>Liberal democrat... and if this was 1850, I would be part of the anti-federalist party. ;)</p>

<p>Conservative...populist leaning :::ducks from various pieces of flying veggies:::</p>

Moderate (as Libertarians go) economically
Militant socially</p>

<p>socially liberal but fiscal/intl politics conservative...if i were to vote? i'd vote conservative...</p>

<p>Social and economic- very liberal..</p>