Political Science and IR extracurriculars

I’m going into my sophomore year of high school. Currently, I’m a member of my school’s mock trial team, am getting serious about starting a debate team, and am in an internship for a candidate running for state senate. I’m also going to be studying abroad for a semester in Israel this school year. I’m really interested in politics but don’t know of many other extracurriculars that I could to do stand out from my peers in a meaningful way. Any recommendations of programs or unique opportunities (I live in the bay area, but traveling over the summer for a program would be feasible) would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I’m not the activist type, so organizing a march or starting a social justice organization are both largely out of the picture. My two top choices for college are Georgetown SFS and Yale, and I’m aiming for the t20s.

Model UN is obviously a big one, especially for International Relations. You could look at joining your school’s team (if there is one). Or the MUN institute by Best Delegate which typically holds training at T20s during summer.

We have one but it’s not really much. That’s one of the reasons why I’m starting a debate team.

You could volunteer with a group that supports recent immigrants to learn about another culture and the issues they face as "new Americans ". You could work on a civic or environmental issue that’s important to you.

You don’t need to do something political to learn about issues that are impacted by politics and to get involved.

Yale I think is a real longshot, I may focus on another college that is more reasonable, even for a reach. You’d be competitive for Georgetown SFS, especially if you do study abroad. Gtown also really likes leadership roles.

Yeah, I know both schools are reach schools for any applicant. I’m only going into my sophomore year, so I do still have plenty of time to get some more things done. I’m planning on certainly being competitive for Yale academically, aiming for a 1540 SAT and taking 11 APs through high school. The real deciding factor after academic rigour is extracurriculars, so that’s what I’m trying to get as unique and meaningful extracurriculars as possible.