Political Science/International Relations

<p>I saw a post a from a little while back on this, but I thought I'd bring it up again to see what the response was. All the schools I applied to, it was for the Foreign Affairs/International Relations major.
Once I got into McGill and started to seriously consider it, I tried to find the same thing. From what I gather, students can take Political Science, with classes in those 4 subcatagories. (First question) For the PoliSci major, do you have to take courses in all 4 groups or can you take them in one? From what I understand, you can take a majority of your courses in one of the catagories (say, International), but you still have to take courses in the other 3. I'll keep going...
So, there is also the decision to do PoliSci with an International Relations Minor. (Second question) Does that minor allow me to concentrate on the international aspect of PoliSci the most, not requiring me to take classes in the other catagories or what?
Also, I am fluent in Farsi (Persian...language of Iran). I'd like to double major in a language....either Arabic or Farsi. (Last series of questions) Is that possible? Too much work?
Thanks for sticking with me through that. Any response would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>take it easy guys.</p>

<p>I'm sorry that I can't help, except to empathize. I'm in almost the exact same position, except that I want my other major to be Hindi/Spanish/science (I know, I should decide). Seeing as we're in the same boat, do you have any idea how good the program is at McGill? I'm being pulled strongly towards the Georgetown SFS for its phenomenal program and towards McGill because of...everything else.</p>

<p>would you guys really consider choosing McGill over american schools like georgetown, NYU, duke, etc.? I'm just curious.</p>

<p>yeh sirously...i was wondering that too...
i mean those are top american skools which extremely hard to get into..and most americans consider their universities to be the best in the world and would never dream of going to another country</p>

<p>If i were you i would choose georgetown...unless cost is an issue</p>

<p>afterall mcgill gives u the most bang for ur buck</p>

<p>if it was just normal georgetown, then i'd pick mcgill over it. but dude!!! GEORGETOWN SFS!!!! that totally sets u for life.</p>

<p>so then would you guys say that you should pick the university purely for the program or for the experience? I mean, being in Canada, and Montreal of all palces, is definatley a new experience; an opportunity to learn a new language and experience a new culture. And then there's the program that could very well have you set for life. Is undergrad important enough to make decisions based on the reputation of a program or school?</p>

<p>lol o bittersweet...still facing ur dilemma!</p>

<p>yup..and it's killing me.</p>

<p>bittersweet, what schools are you choosing bewteen? i'm having a bit of a hard time choosing between mcgill and johns hopkins, myself.</p>

<p>bittersweet, that's exactly the problem i'm facing. i don't know if it's worth sacrificing my social life already in undergrad. i feel like i can do well enough wherever i go to prove it to grad schools, even if it is a bit tougher. but, of course, i still haven't decided, so i'm not 100% sure of that. oooooohhhhhhhhhh crossroads.</p>

<p>I'm debating between McGIll and Georgetown SFS too. This is so hard!!</p>

<p>I'm trying to decide between mcgill and queen's for commerce. nothing like john hopkins, georgetown or nyu, but nevertheless...I just got my official acceptance letter from Queen's today and it came with an entrace award and bursaries worth almost 6 grand, packaged in a really nice envelope with a silver seal. Very enticing, I must say. Although it would be silly to make any sort of decision based on an envelope. I just had a long conversation with a friend of mine who's going through a similar dilemma, and while I think I might've unintentionally persuaded him to go to Queen's, I feel more confident about going to McGill. I'm really going to enjoy myself there and I really doubt that I would regret it later on. I'm sooo very close to just accepting the offer. I think what I'm waiting for is for someone to give me a really, really good reason not to go to McGill and then for me to be able to defend it. Then you know that you're definately going to go without looking back right? I don't know, I might just do it tonight.</p>

<p>i think it speaks highly of mcgill that so many people (well...a few, at least) are debating between georgetown SFS and mcgill. it just makes me wonder why the hell mcgill doesn't have an amazing IR program of its own, or any IR program at all!<br>
i've been trying to figure this out from a lot of people, but does anyone know the chances of getting into a top IR program doing mcgill's Poli Sci major, IR minor? i'd for sure go there if i knew that i could still get a top rate grad IR education.</p>

<p>THe only problem with grad schools that I've heard of is that Mcgill is heavily grade-deflated</p>

<p>I sent in my deposit for GTown today, so I'm officially turning down McGill. I was seriously considering it mainly because of cost and environment, but then my mom told me that back in her day she made the wrong decision because of similar reasons and still wishes she had gone where she could study what she wanted to.</p>

<p>bittersweet </p>

<p>go where you want to go.....i faced a similar dilemma with western and mcgill science....now i since i have decided science wasnt for me i am deciding between mcgill commerce and queen's commerce (i had applied for both commerce and science at all the skools i applied)</p>

<p>anyway the way i see it..there isnt much diffrence the programs...but i do admit queens is a better program but then again i really cant picture myself at queens for the next four years..(small town, almost everyone from ontraio, most of them white or asian) </p>

<p>I think i will fit in better in mcgill and probably do a lot better in a multicultural + city environment...so i most likey will be going to mcgill</p>

<p>I completely agree, which is why I've accepted my offer and made my deposit for McGill. I really can't see myself in Kingston for the next four years. College town environment is great, but it's gotta get boring real fast. I also don't believe that McGill's going to hinder me in any way. It's good enough knowing that I got into all the program I wanted to, I guess. That just shows that determination and hard work are what's going to get you places. I can deal with serious grade-deflation-been doing it for the last four years. I'm going to love Montreal. I can already see myself there. Now we just need to make a decision on residence. sigh..more decisions.</p>

<p>Glad to see everyone's figuring it out.</p>

<p>I know, it feels great.</p>

<p>hey guys.
for those of you not familiar with the IDS program here- its pretty similiar to an IR program at any other school. IDS is International Development Studies- you can check it out on the website- its the third most popular major at McGill.
The Poli Sci program is the best in Canada- and pretty top in N.America- you can study several tracks: Canadian Politics, International Politics(including U.S.), Political Theory, and Comparitive Politics.<br>
In regards to McGill up against the top schools in the States. McGill really is an excellent institution- besides its excellent world ranking, it has an incredibly diverse student body, and is one of the world's most recognized schools. Compared to some of the best schools in the States it has its advantages, and its disadvantages. They've all got something going for them, you just gotta find where you think you belong! It will all work out in the end- and if not- transfering works...</p>