Political science major + med pre reqs?

How difficult would it be if I majored in political science and also took all the pre req classes for med school? I’m not exactly exceptional at science, so a biology major doesn’t really make sense to me. Am I wrong?

Nope, you are just right!

Political Science at most colleges is not an especially heavy courseload, so adding the pre-med pre-reqs shouldn’t be a challenge.


Major in what you like for Pre-med, but brush up on your science foundations so you can do well in those classes. Your science GPA (and knowledge) is critical for med school.

Be sure you have a Plan B too. Every pre-med hopeful should have one. Most people applying to med schools don’t make it in. If you do, terrific. If not, know what your next best option is.

Go for it! Med school adcomms are famously agnostic about the undergrad majors of applicants so long as your sGPA is strong.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that as a non-science major, you really need to get top grades in your pre-reqs since you won’t have many other science classes to dilute the effect of any less than perfect grades.

Good luck.

It’s a good combination and if you need a Plan B a Master’s in Public Health is easy to switch to.
Just make sure you brush up on your Chemistry and Biology before you take the premed pre-reqs.