Political Science Major

<p>Hi I am currently a first year student at UCR. I am going to apply to UCLA and UCB next year. As a political science major, I understand that there is a Statistic Class requirement. Do I need to fulfill this math requirement prior to my fall quarter?? If not, when do I need to finish my math pre-requisite by? thanks.</p>

<p>UCLA requires you to take THEIR stat class for the poli sci major, so even if you take stat you'll have to take it again. Berks will take the stat class you do at UCR so you might as well get it knocked out there.</p>


<p>Im also a poli sci major so the stats class i took at my CC makes up for the stats class that the poli sci major requires at CAL?</p>

<p>Guys, refer to assist.org for a CC that offer the appropriate Stats course that fulfills the Stat 10 requirement at UCLA. For example, Fullerton College's MATH 120 F is the equivalent to Stat 10@UCLA, so you do not necessarily need to take the Stats class exclusively at UCLA.</p>