Political Science- NU vs. Georgetown

<p>I applied to both Northwestern and Georgetown as a Political Science/Government major. I was accepted by Northwestern and waitlisted by Georgetown. Georgetown's location in Washington DC obviously has its advantages, but, other than that, does anyone know enough about undergraduate Political Science programs to make a comparison between the two schools? Is it even worth it for me to try to get off of Gtown's waitlist? I think I might have a chance, due to some family ties, to get into the school in May. Also, I think I might have blown it by telling my Gtown interviewer that I applied to Harvard (where I'm also waitlisted, but have no hope of rectifying the situation)

<p>Go to which school has the best Government/Political Science program. Harvard and Georgetown have better departments, especially if youre focus is American Politics.</p>

<p>I'm guessing that "family ties" means legacy status and in that case I read in a news article that the waitlist for legacies at elite schools is often a unoffensive rejection...sorry.</p>

<p>I'm interested in Political Science too but didn't get in to Georgetown. I'm pretty confident in Northwestern's Political Science program, and as far as the location I heard about a DC internship thing at Preview NU where you can spend a quarter or a year I believe in DC interning for different government agencies. Hope that helps a little.</p>

<p>no, its not a legacy or anything, its more a matter of my dad handling the money of a university and it having a president who is an influential Gtown alumnus. No matter, I went to NU this weekend and decided I'd rather go there.</p>