Political science vs. Aerospace

<p>I know that these two have nothing at all in common. But it looks like I'm sort of stuck between them, and choosing either will totally affect my decisions regarding what universities I will apply to, what summer courses I choose, etc.
Well, I am a high school junior and my story is:
I do have experience in pol. sci (I am a member of a reform movement here in Egypt, I got to organize protests at the time of revolts, and right now we're campaigning for a guy who's running for office) which will most probably look fantastic on col. app....but
I really love aerospace engineering & I don't feel like a career in politics is what I would call very promising or stable (unless Yr hopelessly corrupt, of course)
I have no experience at all in engineering, and it's kind of hard to get that on this side of the world (there is none to very little emphasis on majors like aerospace here)
So what do you guys think?
I am guessing it'd be such a boost to my chances at admissions if i am applying to a political science col. with that kind of experience at my age....but I am not sure if I have to base my career choice on what would impress the admissions officers...
I'd appreciate Yr opinions so much :)</p>