Political science vs. public policy major (and possible minors/double majors)?

So I’m going to college this Fall, and I know I want to study one of the aforementioned majors. However, I’m not sure which one will reap greater benefits after I graduate. Job prospects may not be too hot for these majors, but this is what I’m passionate about so don’t fight me on it. I know the two are very similar, but I’m leaning toward public policy (more exclusive major at my school, smaller classes, more technical which may be more applicable to a future career??) but political science is where I feel my real interests lie, as I’m into government affairs and all that jazz. Which of the two would look better on a resume or possibly get me a better job? I want to go into campaigns, policy analysis, government work, or something along those lines. I know involvement in politics can get me needed connections while I’m a student, but solely based on majors, which do you recommend? If anyone is studying one of these majors, insight as to what classes are like/what internships are available and stuff like that would be great, too!

Also, since I already have so many transfer credits, I have room for a double major or a minor or two. What’s an area of study that would make me more marketable for my area of interest (polysci + econ, public policy + environmental studies, polysci + public policy(???), etc)?

Thanks y’all!

Hello! I’m sort of in the same boat as you, though I’m currently looking for grad programs, not undergrad :slight_smile: But, when I was figuring this all out, I was in a similar boat as well. What I did was pursue a major in political science with an emphasis in public policy, so I kind of got the best of both worlds. Your bachelor’s degree won’t really set up a career for you, and you probably will have to pursue a masters. I have worked on campaigns before and our manager had an masters in public policy with a bachelors in political science. Political science will teach you how governments work, as well as the concepts and theories behind politics. Public policy is more hands on, where you’ll learn the actual mechanisms behind policies and how they affect people/communities. Coming from a PS major, I’d say public policy is more practical, but again, if you want to work in government and policy analysis and all that, you’ll continue onto at least a masters. But, I have definitely enjoyed my PS classes more than my PubPol classes.

As for double majoring or minors, definitely try for economics! It’ll give you a strong background and will definitely help on the public policy aspect!