Political threads moved to Cafe

<p>All political threads have been moved to the Cafe, the correct place for these types of discussions. Thank you. Moderator Skyhawk</p>

<p>whathappened to the thread asking "what happened"?
I just looked on the cafe thread after posting something and the whole thread seems to have disappeared?</p>

<p>Maybe it got lost in cyberspace? LOL! Why not just start the thread again?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, even Moderators are still learning to use the new system. :) Sorry if the thread was inadvertently deleted - not intentionally! Please feel free to restart it in the Cafe Carolyn and Emerald. Skyhawk</p>

<p>It didn't get lost. It was deleted. I recommend talkingpointsmemo.com, dailykos and democratunderground if you want a place to be heard. The trouble is they are all dems so there is not a chance to debate.</p>

<p>I assure you it was operator error, not censorship, that lost the thread. I see that Carolyn has now restarted it in the Cafe. Again, my apologies. The new system takes some getting used to. Moderator Skyhawk</p>