Political views in essay?

<p>My common app essay is strongly going to show my political beliefs b/c im planning on writing about how X has influenced me so much and how I am politically aware and blah blah blah because of X. I know the admin officers aren't going to right out reject me if they dont agree with me but I cant help thinking that if they dont like X they're going to be more unforgiving/harsh with my app. Is it a good idea to write my essay on this?</p>

<p>Definitely don't write anything that could possibly rub the AdCom in the wrong way. If you want, I can read it and give you suggestions on what to take out and what to rephrase. You never know who is going to be reading your essay. If they strongly oppose your view, that wouldn't be good either. It is all going to depend on how you wrote it.</p>

<p>K thanks. I havent started writing it but i will soon.</p>

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<p>A political issue is very strong subject. Because sometimes u can pass the limit. I mean that a political issue should have objective criterias and thoughts..</p>

<p>Good luck with ur essay:)</p>

<p>Don't just write something that you think that they'll want to hear because they get thousands of those essays each year and it can be boring. State your views without being harsh or disrespecting other opinions.</p>


The risky. Any student who has already learned the basics of showing should think about taking a risk on the college essay. What kind of risk? Think about starting an essay with: "I sat in the back of the police car." Or, as in the example (below): " The woman wanted breasts." These first sentences use what journalists call a hook. The sentence reaches out from the page and grabs our attention. It creates a bit of controversy and an expectation that the writer might be willing to take academic risks in the classroom. A good hook does not mean that a good essay will follow, but it does mean that a reader will look forward to seeing what will unfold.</p>

<p>A risky essay can border on the offensive. In some cases, as in the excerpt, it is possible that a few readers might write off an applicant based upon questionable taste. That is the danger of taking a risk. People wonder if they will be penalized if they do take a risk in an application. They want to know, in other words, if there is any risk in taking a risk. Yes, there is. I can say, however, that my experience in the admissions field has led me to conclude the great majority of admissions officers are an open-minded lot and that to err on the side of the baroque might not be as bad as to stay in the comfort of the boring.</p>

<p>The best essays are crafted not from a formula for success but by a voice that is practiced. Those who are willing to take a risk, to focus on that part of the world that matters to them and to show the passion and the practice it takes to write about it well, will help their chances of admission through their essay.


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<p>Thanks for your comments everyone. ^^ I am really passionate about this. I actually assumed that adcoms didn't get many political type essays because of the possible controversies. I plan on not being disrespectful to other opinions, just stating mine and why I am so influenced by X person. I think the adcom is mature enough not to write off an application because of simple differences.</p>

<p>I sure would hope so. It's very risky, nonetheless. But if it's well-crafted, it can do justice.</p>