Politics and Values Living and Learning Community

<p>Hi, I'm a Senior in HS, going to GWU next year, majoring in Poly Sci at Columbian. I got an email regarding the Politics and Values Living and Learning Community for next year. Has anyone (parents, current/former students) ever heard of this? Is it very challenging and is it rewarding? Did you enjoy the program? </p>

<p>Thanks for the answers!</p>

<p>S did it as a freshman. The class is challenging (it's a double class both fall & spring), but it's a much smaller class than you'd be in otherwise your freshman year, the prof is very good, &, if you're planning to major in poli sci, it takes care of 4 of the courses you need to take for the major. I think S is glad he did it.</p>

<p>I noticed that ALL freshman housing this year is associated with LLC's/Programs and you cannot just choose your building.</p>

<p>Does this mean that there will be "required" extra classes for the LLC component of the dorm assignments. I was under the impression that the LLC components were programs the dorms offer and not actual formal classes with credit?</p>

<p>Would someone please "clear" this up! housing told my "S" that you can be as involved in the LLC's as much as you wanted to be - that suggests to me that this a not an actual class for credit, but dorm-based.</p>

<p>As far as I know, Politics and Values is the only LLC associated with a course. It didn't really involve anything outside of class. Housing was correct that a student can be involved as much or as little as they like with the LLC. In most cases, it doesn't really mean anything & students choose where to live based on the dorm & then choose the corresponding LLC.</p>

<p>Did you have to apply to GW as a poli sci major in order to be invited to the politics and values program?</p>

<p>shellfell - You might not be aware, but this year for incoming freshman you cannot select the actual dorm building itself as a preference. The software only allows you to select a program or theme that it associated with that specific dorm buidling.</p>

<p>In other words - all freshman have to selct some kind of "Theme-Based" housing this year.</p>

<p>My "S" will be in Elliott and likely taking 17cr (his choice) as well as work study. I don't hink he'll have much time for additional requirements.</p>

<p>CJ: That was also how housing did it when my S was a freshman, but you know what dorm each "theme" is housed in, so you can still pick the dorm you want by choosing that "theme". In all honesty, these themes mean nothing & will not add to your child's workload. He'd have to apply to be in the Politics and Values program to even get into that class.</p>

<p>aaron: S did apply as a poli sci major so I'm sure that's why he was invited. If you're interested but didn't get invited, you could contact the poli sci dept.</p>

<p>shellfell - I now understand - thanks!. We were confusing the Thurston Program (Politics and Values) which is a "Special Program" you have to apply for, versus the Thurston Theme-based (Politics and Public Policy). Confusing way to select dorms!</p>

<p>CJ: Yes, it is confusing, especially given that most students still try to choose the dorm they want to live in, not the theme.</p>

<p>My D is an IA major and was invited but chose not to.</p>

<p>also as a freshman first semester, your son may not be able to get the classes for 17 credits.</p>

<p>downtoearth - How bad was is to get classes as an incoming freshman? My "S" will be in Elliott and I noticed some of their classes are reserved for them, but only a few.</p>

<p>Appreciate your feedback and recommendations.</p>

<p>The info on the P&V Program says it eliminates the need for the following courses for ESIA students.</p>

<p>IAFF 005
PSC 001, PSC 002, PSC 003</p>

<p>It also says it counts for a WID course.</p>

<p>Is this true??? If you have to take UW 020, does that mean you only have 1 more WID class for ESIA students?</p>

<p>Also, I here they put the students on the top flr of Thurston (9th?). How was the LLC living in Thurston??</p>

<p>Appreciate comments from former students and/or parents. Deadline soon.</p>



<p>P & V was not a WID course when S took it (he's not happy it was changed after he took it). I would assume you'd have to take UW20 in the fall so that P&V would count as a WID in the spring. According to guidelines for requiremnts, UW20 must be taken before any other WID course & you can't take UW20 and a WID course in the same semester.</p>

<p>If you work things out, yes, you would only have to take one more WID course.</p>

<p>The LLC meant nothing; it only guaranteed that S would live in Thurston & that some of the kids on the floor would be in his P&V class.</p>

<p>S is a poli sci major & wanted to take P&V to satisfy all those intro classes.</p>

<p>I checked the schedule of classes for Spring 2010 - the second semester P&V, PSC 012, is a WID course.</p>

<p>My "S" still concerded about living in Thurston, but I hear Professor Kelts is a good teacher.</p>

<p>CJ: Then your son better take UW20 in the fall, if he's planning to do P&V. Kelts is a good prof, so you heard correctly. He wins teaching awards almost every year.</p>

<p>Just read in the Hatchet that Thurston will also house Honors, engineering, & substance free next year, so I'm not sure what to make of what the culture will be like. Apparently since Lafayette will be under renovation, they moved the programs in there into Thurston. Maybe your son won't feel so concerned about the dorm given these changes.</p>

<p>shellfell - He has to apply 1st - don't know how strong the competition is? If he gets on, I'll make sure he does UW20 Fall 2010.</p>

<p>Thanks for your guidance as always!</p>


<p>is the application for P&V online? i'm not seeming to find it. </p>

<p>or is the application by invitation only?</p>


<p>My son isn't attending GWU this fall, but he was interested in this program and emailed Prof Kelts last fall for info. He also got emails from two current students in the course and they both loved it. if my son had enrolled in GWU, he would have definitely applied for this program. Here's a copy of the flier that Kelts emailed:</p>

<p>Politics and Values</p>

<p>A Living and Learning Community</p>

<pre><code>Do societies have shared values? Is politics the proper arena for expressing values? Are there any values that can be shared and enforced internationally?

In the Politics and Values community, you will have the opportunity to explore these questions together with a select group of your peers. You will live and study together, in an intensive year-long course that counts for 6 credits (2 courses) each semester, and fulfills all of the introductory requirements of a Political Science major.
During the fall semester, we will examine the ancient view that states exist to mold good men; the early modern view that states create their own right and wrong; the founding American view that states must tolerate and respect the different value-orientations of their citizens (including Supreme Court cases on the issue); and the skepticism of modern political science about the project of democratic values.
In the spring, we will look at the connection of values with cultures and nations; the problems of national and ethnic violence; and international attempts to curb violence and establish boundary-crossing values.
If you’re up for the challenge, submit a resume with academic credentials or a photocopy of your GWU application, along with an essay you wrote in high school on any political topic. Notification of admission will be given in late-July.

<p>If you have further questions,
or to submit an application:</p>

<p>Contact Professor Steven Kelts
<a href="mailto:kelts@gwu.edu">kelts@gwu.edu</a><a href="202">/email</a> 365-9342</p>

<p>1sttimemom - I think it's by invitation, but I'm not sure. My "S" recieved an e-mail from housing inviting him to apply. He had a very high writing score on the SAT and from prior years - it appears the program wants good writers since it is very writing intensive.</p>

<p>I think you might be able to apply to this via the Housing website for incoming freshman - under special programs.</p>

<p>I do know the deadline for the GWU app and essay are due to Dr. Kelts NLT May 13th.</p>