Politics in Essays

<p>It is too late to change anything now, but on several of my supplements, I referenced my Republican politics:</p>

<li>My time campaigning for Mitt Romney for an extracurricular essay</li>
<li>A desire to join the Young Republicans or Students for Life Club on the Why ____ essay</li>
<li>For a supplement asking what three items you would want to show someone from another country, I put my Mitt Romney pin as one of them.</li>

<p>My campaigning for Romney is also on my Common App as an activity.</p>

<p>Did I make a big mistake?</p>

<p>As long as you are not using your essays as a surrogate to aggressively support Romney’s policies or bash the opposition’s, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue. If it shows how you are dedicated to a cause and were actively involved in it, I think it’s all good. </p>

<p>Those things are fine and will show you are interested in community and campus involvement. Except for that last thing–that’s a real head scratcher, why would someone from another country want to see that? Did you happen to mention that you campaigned for Mitt Romney?</p>

<p>I explained why I would want to have it- to spark a discussion about politics in the different countries. And, yes, I did mention that I campaigned for Romney.</p>

<p>This was the prompt:
Imagine that you are backpacking through a country you have never been to before. You are interested in engaging with the local population and your backpack includes three items that will help them learn about your family and culture. What are those three items and how do they represent your background?</p>

<p>lol, that question was rhetorical.</p>

<p>Thank you both for your help. One more question:</p>

<p>On an honors college application, I can write about an activity, issue, or idea that I am passionate about. The college is in a very Conservative part of the country and is not necessarily at the top of my list. Can I write about abortion and how I am pro-life?</p>

<p>I advise not. I think you should make it more personal about you and your qualities and keeping in mind they are evaluating you for college admission, not for the place to take staunch stands on divisive political or religious beliefs. No admissions officer wants to hear your pontifications on the subject. I just think it is not the place to ‘state you case’ about a hot button issue in your college app. It distracts from the purpose at hand. Also you are missing the opportunity to talk of yourself in new ways that don’t involve campaigns and politics. To show more dimensions, so I’d pick something completely different.</p>

<p>No. Though you’ll probably be accepted you have no idea about the personal politics, life circumstances, etc of the admissions officers. An acquaintance of mine is an ad com a school in the bible belt. Though this school is typically thought of as center right, this person is very socially liberal, and would probably not appreciate reading arguments by an 18 year old male about why abortion is wrong. </p>



<p>Unless the trip in question is for political purposes, bringing up politics could be a turnoff in general. The same goes for religion.</p>