<p>i was just wondering which bs are more liberal or conservative politically, because i was reading this article and it said that in a mock election deerfield went for gwb (????!!!!) do y'all think that they would want mccain over obama? (by the way, im a democrat, and i heard that groton was more conservative and i want to go to a school where the majority is liberal and those who are conservative are not over the top right wing)</p>

<p>You sure are a smart cookie.
I have no info regarding that at those Bs's.</p>

<p>NMH is liberal...not over-the-top. I have heard Exeter is also quite liberal.</p>

<p>St Paul's is quite liberal as well - at least it appeared that way on our visit and in the material we saw there (student newpapers, etc). </p>

<p>However, at all schools you'll find a mixture of political beliefs. I brought this up last year in our search and the replies were great - you will find all views everywhere in life. BS is a great place to experience the different views in a controlled and respectful manner. </p>

<p>By the way, you will be hard pressed to find any school that is "over the top right wing," if anything they would be more likely to be liberal. Check out the club offerings at schools and you'll see a variety political offerings.</p>

<p>didn't gwb go to andover???</p>

<p>What does politics matter? I wouldn't dismiss a school like Groton over something so unimportant.</p>

<p>Yes, GWB and his dad went to Andover. There are other alums of Andover who are notable Democratic politicians. I wouldn't judge a school based solely on alumni from forty years ago.</p>

<p>Choate has both Young Democrat and Republican groups but I get a feeling it is quite liberal.</p>

<p>I think that the majority of the boarding schools are slanted towards left wing. This is probably because a great amount of boarding school students come from either new england (very liberal), or some variation of the coasts, which are both quite liberal. </p>

<p>I was also afraid of this when I started my school search. My area is extremely liberal (San Francisco Bay Area) and I was a bit scared that when I went to boarding school I wouldn't be able to express my views in the same way I do now. After talking to a lot of people at BS though, I would reassure you that there is a great mix of political opinions at BS, but you will definitely find people with similar opinions to your own.</p>

<p>It's interesting that this subject has come up. </p>

<p>One of the strongest points of boarding school for me is that my children will have the opportunity to hear other voices. I would be thrilled if my son came home from BS and had an opposing political view to mine. I would be ready to debate him on the point. I want him to hear those contrary voices, and have the chance to pick apart arguments, determine if another's opinion is valuable based on the reasons held, etc.</p>

<p>When I asked him why he wanted to go to BS, he told me that he wanted to be able to beat me at a debate. The day he catches me in a fallacy will be one of the happiest days of my life!</p>

<p>Andover is very liberal. The most liberal I think.</p>

<p>Yes, Andover overall is pretty liberal, but we have a fair amount of conservatives. There is a growing libertarian following on campus as well, so there's definitely a good mix.</p>

<p>Bigger, more international schools (ie - Andover, Exeter, you could say SPS) tend to be more liberal while smaller, more WASPy schools (Groton, Deerfield) tend to be more conservative.</p>

<p>I go to one of the best schools in NYC (all girls, over half to Ivies, rather old money) - in '04 the mock election results were 90% Kerry, 5% Bush and 5% Nader. Most girls have an Obama (or Clinton, though she's rather shunned) pin on their tote bags, and a large portion intern at political offices.</p>

<p>Just an interesting note - for anyone pondering the aforementioned topic:</p>

<p>Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our 32nd president, and touchstone of modern American liberalism, went to Groton. </p>

<p>Of course, he was later considered somewhat of a traitor to his class!</p>

<p>Sadie2: clear some space in your PM folder!</p>

<p>note to Neato- done!</p>

<p>I talked about politics for like 1.5 hours in my interview at Groton and apparently Groton played a major part in the Kennedy administration and is a renowned political school.</p>

<p>I have something like 20 Facebook friends at various boarding schools. Choate, Middlesex, St. Mark's, Loomis, etc, and all but one are listed as "Liberal"</p>

<p>Groton is mostly liberal although there is are both young rebulicans and young demoncrats clubs...I would say it is about 75% to 25%</p>

<p>shore---how long did your interview last??!!! I don't think i could sit still for more than an hour!! lol</p>