<p>Do you really have to be interested in politics if want to go to American University? And what I mean by interest is if you want to have a career related to politics.</p>

<p>My S is a student at AU and he is interested in international marketing. No interest whatsoever in a political career. However, he does like heated political discussion...</p>

<p>ok.....well do people with strong science interests go to american university?</p>

<p>I'm sure there are many students that major in science, however, AU is not known for its science program. If you're interested, though, in pre-med or pre-dental it does have an exceptionally high medical school acceptance. You can get the stats from the website. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Yes, D is one. Not very political at all. Loves AU. However check out exactly what you want in science as it is a more traditional bio or biochem approach rather than health sciences.</p>

<p>You don't have to be interested in politics to go to AU, and you will find people who aren't. However, the vast majority of people you'll meet here are very interested in Politics even if their majors aren't political, after all AU does have the #1 most political student body in the country! I'm a junior here and I have a few friends that aren't really interested in politics but most are.</p>

<p>thanks everyone for the responses!</p>