<p>Who on HSL is interested in politics?</p>

<p>I'm kind of jaded after the past 10 years</p>

<p>How so? From the 2000 election?</p>

<p>and 2004. And when gay marriage was repealed this fall here. And how people continue to listen to crazy people like Glenn Beck haha</p>

<p>I'm pretty impartial :b</p>

<p>^You should join a PAC.</p>

<p>That was some interesting stuff. I actually wanted to become a Senator at one point. Now, I just wanna marry one or a Kennedy.</p>

<p>I am extremely interested in politics (I know... it's a shock considering how unopinionated and neutral I am).</p>

<p>I am involved with local politics and I love learning about foreign politics. It's fascinating to me.</p>

<p>Me too. I think I may be one of the few people in school who knows anything about politics.</p>

<p>I know this guy who I sometimes look at and think "He could be president."</p>

<p>Maybe I should marry him. I'd love to be First Lady.</p>

<p>Due to MUN, I am super engrossed in foreign politics. Due to dad in gov't, I am super engrossed in US politics. Makes for fun debate with Juniors.</p>

<p>Due to CNN and Anderson Cooper, I am up-to-date on pretty much everything politics.</p>

<p>So, who here hates Glenn Beck?</p>

<p>I used to when he was with CNN/Headline News. Now, he's just really annoying.</p>

<p>At risk of offending people, I can't stand Glenn Beck. I also hate the fact that I live in an exceedingly conservative town, and yet most of the students don't know or care about politics - they just parrot their parents' beliefs.</p>

<p>Seriously. A girl in my politics class once informed us that because of Obama's taxes, she couldn't get a new carpet, which was why she hates Obama. I really really wanted to say something like "STOP THE PRESSES! OMG!" but somehow I resisted...haha.</p>

<p>Yes, I'm very involved in politics. I voted for the first time on a town budget last month. It was exhilarating. :)</p>

<p>I hate when people just puppet their parents. That is just so annoying.</p>

<p>Without risk of offending people- I want Glen Beck to move to the arctic. Away from technology so he can no longer spew hate and lies. I want him to move there with Rush Limbaugh. And be given just enough supplies to survive. Therefore they can rot their lives away together. </p>

<p>I mean, don't have issues...</p>

<p>@gump... lol I remember when I was in 8th grade during the 04 election and everyone at my school was for Bush (private, Catholic, conservative school). I distinctly remember one girl saying it was because Kerry wanted to kill all the babies in the world (according to her obviously pro-life mom). I was kind of like .... ? (My parents are both really liberal ex-Republicans).</p>


<p>I mean if you can come up with a legitimate reason you don't like Obama, I won't like it but I'll respect it. That's just dumb.</p>

<p>I hated Bush. I hate Obama. I'll hate the next liar that comes into office.</p>

<p>Esp. when people say he's a Kenyan, a Muslim, he's gonna blow up the White House, blah blah blah.</p>