Poll: Do you spend more thread on CC or thefacebook?

<p>I thought of this when I saw several "facebook addicts support group" groups springing up on thefacebook and wondered, "why don't they have that for CC?"</p>

<p>For me, CC.</p>

<p>I don't see how one can spend a lot of time on facebook. Its not like people update their profiles every few minutes. The material simply doesn't change all that much - CC is much more engaging :)</p>

<p>CC all the way.....</p>

<p>anyway, i cant join facebook..... :p</p>

<p>i use both alot when i procrastinate. both highly addictive</p>

<p>I probably check thefacebook more, but spend more total time on CC. Some of the fake facebook profiles are funny as hell.</p>

<p>i dont have facebook, but if i did i imagine it to be similar to myspace..
and so i vote CC.</p>

<p>this place is addicting... and everyone is active 24/7</p>

<p>I spend about the same time on each. Usually just the occasional hour or two. I think the facebook is awesome though, it is a good way to show people what your college friends look like.</p>

<p>u guys on friendster/hi5/orkut??</p>

<p>hi5 n frenzter are big in here...</p>

<p>facebook definitely. Always so many people and groups. But I have actually increased my time on here b/c I used to be pretty good about here. That's b/c I limited myself to the U of I board and no one posted. So I expanded to pre-law, college life, and some others. It's awful. It'll wear off tho b/c I just started really going about a month ago. It'll wear off by summer. Yeah I waste a lot of time on both blech.</p>

<p>facebook is addictive..you lose your interest in it after about 2 weeks though...</p>

<p>facebook, definitely</p>

<p>Farhansfa nailed it... facebook is addictive... for about two weeks. I mean I check occasionally now and then, but not constantly.</p>

<p>facebook added a section for parties....</p>

<p>I know. I already used it haha. I think my attention here is finally waning with all of the insults spouted at public schools here. It gets tiresome after a while.</p>

<p>I would say facebook. For awhile I was obsessed, and then it slowed down and I never really checked it anymore. Then this semester I got more involved, so I'm constantly meeting and getting to know more people, so I still always have friends to add. </p>

<p>I check it constantly it seems. My friends are always updating profiles, and I love to check my high school to see if anyone new has been added. Plus, with the parties section, now I have even more reason to procrastinate there. :) </p>

<p>And now with that idiotic Chris J. Emanuel dude, megastud, I find it fascinating to see how many drop his I Love USC! and Class of 2008 groups, and to see how many groups pop up in hatred toward him. :)</p>

<p>CC -- much more engaging topics. I only like adding people I know on FaceBook, and I believe I've added everyone I know and would want to add so there's really no fun in it anymore.</p>

<p>I am however a friend of Kurt Vonnegut's, who I'm pretty sure is real.</p>

<p>used to be facebook for a while, but it gets old... CC is the way to go. </p>

<p>my friends are trying to get me to jump on the myspace bandwagon. so far they've been successful with me on livejournal but not xanga.</p>

<p>xanga is better than lj... though i'm on both (with identical postings...). And I have myspace, which I never use at all.</p>

<p>ick, I hate xangas</p>

<p>every one has this nasty, busy background and the feature set just doesnt seem as intuitive as any of hte lj based services (blurty, lj, greatestjournal, etc)</p>