Poll For The Girls: What Kind of Guy?

<p>a couple questions to the girls. what kind of guys are you most attracted to?</p>

<p>1) blonde hair-dark brown hair, blue-green eyes, light skin</p>

<p>2) blonde hair-dark brown hair, blue green eyes, tan skin</p>

<p>3) black hair, brown eyes, light skin</p>

<p>4) black hair, brown eyes, tan skin.</p>

<p>just wondering which kind you like the most.</p>

<p>3) or 4)
I'm all for dark hair.</p>

<p>But the best combo would be black hair and green eyes.</p>

<p>4)...although like nofx said, green eye would be nice. </p>

<p>and where are the choices with red hair, or dark skin? you need more combos.</p>

<p>Hot ones...I don't care much about the colours, they just need really good facial features (I like my boys pretty) and nice bodies.</p>

<p>3 or 4... agreeing with the green eyes...</p>

<p>3), maybe 1)</p>

<p>I tend to like guys with dark hair . . . the blonde, blue/green eyed boys I meet always seem to be so arrogant because girls say things to them all their life like "OHmigoshhh your golden locks are so sexxxaahhhhhh!!!!" "Your eyes are so gorgeous!!!!" and think they end up thinking they are such hot stuff. Humbleness wins.
I don't like tan skin. Especially on a young person, and their skin is darker than their hair = freaky. There needs to be contrast between hair and skin.</p>

<p>Erm I am blonde haired blue eyed and you hear that once in a while but it's no big deal. Plenty of these "avg" guys get the same comments. Of any guy I know with purely blonde hair (not light brown), they're not ever over the top, full of themselves.</p>

<p>None! Dark brown hair + brown eyes. Not that I especially like brown eyes, I just don't go crazy over blue/green eyes like most girls apparently do. I guess 4 would be closest, but tan people tend to poke fun at me since I'm..not so tan. I'm like..medium, but to tan people that's just the same as deathly white. I just don't go to the beach a lot (even though I live in socal..)</p>

I like brown or blond hair guys with light skin. They're adorable.</p>

<p>I go for the light skin/dark hair/blue-green eyes thing, but seriously, coloring is not the most important thing, even looks-wise...I mean, based purely on shallow considerations, I'd take a hot Indian guy over someone not so handsome with the aforementioned combinations. So, yanno. Jewish noses are good...random. Red hair too.</p>

<p>Jew noses w000t. I imagine that's hard to find in SA? We dont exactly have a huge population there.</p>

<p>oh, and Brown hair, Brown eyes guys win ;)</p>

<p>Damn people, I have black hair and green eyes. So where the *****es at?</p>

So where the *****es at?


Thats the answer. ;)</p>

<p>dk hair light eyes...tan skin</p>

<p>This is a bad idea...I'm all for whatever looks good.</p>