Poly Sci/Econ

<p>Hello all, I am currently a sophomore in HS and want to go in to one of the following: Political Science, Economics, or Philosophy. My question is how to arrange my math classes. I only need 3 credit to graduate so I'm wondering if I should plan to take math senior year. I took honors geometry and am now in honors algebra II. The classes next year that are available are:
college algebra
honors pre-calc
accelerated pre-calc
AP statistics</p>

<p>For an possible econ major which classes would be best? My math teacher was thinking I should just take college algebra next year. I am thinking stats would be useful so should I just skip pre-calc?
P.S. I live in Kansas and although my GPA isnt great I would like to go to a liberal arts school or a more competitive public school such as U of Minnesota U of Wisconsin U of Michigan U of Oregon or U of Washington

<p>Statistics. It's very useful for things like Econometrics, Regression analysis. But calculus is also needed as a math class, but I honestly think Statistics is more important than calculus in economics. Although, you will need to apply a few things in pre-calculus, such as interest rate, and exponential growth and decay(decay is usually used for the half life of an element) so i guess decline is a better word.</p>

<p>I actually really enjoyed my college Stats course. I agree that it is highly useful, and if it's AP then you could get some credit for it. I think regardless of which choice you make, you will have to take some math courses in college anyway. This would include calc and stats.</p>

<p>If you're looking to go to a competitive school, then take the most rigorous courses that you think you can be successful in.</p>

<p>A good school offering an economics degree will require that you take calculus 1 and perhaps calc 2. Thus taking pre-calc in high school is virtually mandatory. Take a look at the course of study for econ in the school you mentioned.</p>

<p>Take as much Math and Statistics as you can. (For Econ.)</p>