PolySci minor...

<p>If I am majoring in BizEcon, would it seem weird that I want to minor in PolySci or would I in a way stand out?</p>

<p>isn't it poli sci? doesn't poly mean many?</p>

<p>oh oops sorry typed wrong but yes political science</p>

<p>UCLAri will tag you for writing "polysci" (the study of multiple sciences) instead of "poli sci" (short for political science). </p>

<p>depends on what you're looking for or what you want out of the poli sci minor, but it's relatively short and easy so it could be a good addition to your biz econ degree. also, if you're interested in a subject but don't want to major in it, doing a minor for your own good is cool too. i know a friend who's a bio major but a poli sci minor for fun. besides, poli sci classes can count as 2 of your 10 GE requirements, so that's 2 out of the 7 classes you need for the minor already done!!</p>