Pomona and Studying Abroad?

I was just accepted into the class of 2019 and I am really excited! However, I realized I do not know much about their options for studying abroad. Could anyone help me with a few questions?
Does financial aid cross over and cover studying abroad?
Where can you study abroad? As in, are they other little Pomona campuses or do you study at other universities?
Is there a limit on how many semesters you can spend abroad?

Yes, your financial aid will carry over to your study abroad program. (As will your costs, although tuition for some of the programs is less, you will be charged the full Pomona tuition and room and board charges)

There are pre-approved programs, or you can submit one of your own for approval.

lots of info here: http://www.pomona.edu/administration/study-abroad/ including a list of the already approved programs.

Thank you!

First of all, congratulations on getting in! DD is currently studying abroad, and mamabear just gave you a great link. I’d add that Pomona has given DD great support through the whole experience, both advice and financial - including a stipend covering transportation to, from, and at the college she is attending.

Nearly 60% of Pomona students study abroad, and even if you remain on campus, the high percentage of international students and resources like Oldenborg (a foreign language dining hall and dorm) make it easy to get exposure to other cultures.

Cannot underscore what others have said strongly enough! D '09 did her fall semester abroad in Santiago, Chile. Because her senior thesis focused on Santiago, she applied for and received financial assistance to spend a month the summer before senior year so she could do thesis research. Pomona also provides paid internships in and around Claremont.

My D and most of her friends are planning to study abroad their fall semester of their Junior year, which they realized is during the presidential election. They are very sad to not be in the country during the elections, and they’re even sadder to miss “all the Hillary parties.”

To be young and have so many wonderful opportunities in front of you. Congratulations!