Pomona Class of 2027 Official Thread

I heard 5:00

My kiddo got in!! Amazing FA package! We have never been there - we are going to visit :slight_smile:


Same! Congratulations :tada:

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Congratulations to you too! Where are you from? Are you going to go for the admitted students day?

I think we will try to get to the Admitted Students Day - will pm you


Anyone got accepted to POP and rejected?

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Son was rejected
UW GPA 3.8
SAT 1490

Darn rejected. I really liked this school :confused:
UW GPA 3.93
SAT 1580

Congrats to everyone who got in!! :partying_face:


Both my twins got in.


My son got in! Was pleasantly surprised as his stats were good, but not exceptional (GPA 4.36, ACT 33). He submitted an art/music supplement that helped round out his overall application. Kudus to admissions on seeing his whole person!


DD rejected. 3.9 GPA, 35 ACT, 2 varsity sports, captain of one, most difficult curriculum possible at an independent school OOS. Didn’t read her application for Pomona, so not sure how strong it was.

DD waitlisted. Anyone have any info about how big the waitlist is this year, other than what is on their website? Usually 8% of applicants put on waitlist according to Pomona website, so a big group.

Last year 866 were offered a spot on the waitlist, 614 accepted the waitlist spot, and 13 were admitted from the waitlist (2%)

The previous year 840 were offered a spot on the waitlist, 570 accepted the waitlist spot, and 27 were admitted from the waitlist (5%)


DD accepted RD!
UW GPA 3.9, 1540 SAT, 1 varsity sport, mostly honors level courses (they don’t do APs) at very competitive east coast independent school, Latina/white, didn’t request financial aid.