Pomona College Hopeful

hello everyone!! I know that we can’t know for sure, but I’d just like to get some opinions on my chances for
POMONA COLLEGE EARLY DECISION and the claremont schools in general
(also applying to most uc’s, bc, northeastern, nyu, wellesley, occidental, and USC)

my uc gpa is not that great the unweighted is probably 3.59/weighted 4.0
(I’m pretty sure my gpa for privates will be around that)
sat 2080/ superscore 2120
ap lang: 5
sat literature: 730

student government leader
2 other well regarded student groups at school
department leader at hospital volunteer program

intended major: english/journalism

im worried that my stats will pull me down, even though I am an active and passionate student leader within my community. My personal statement highlights my passion for humanities and documents my journey of creative expression throughout my life.
I think I can do relatively well at the interview, but is that a major deciding factor as well?

Thank you, everyone!!