Pomona College or Claremont McKenna College

<p>Hey guys!</p>

<p>I know a lot of you will type, "Use the search function." However, I have a few specific questions. </p>

<p>I currently like Pomona and CMC equally. However, I have heard that CMC has a stronger political science/IR department. Is this true?</p>

<p>I also know that Pomona College requires the applicant to send all of their test scores, but they'll only consider the highest when making the decision. This still annoys me because I took the ACT for the first time about a month ago and I didn't do as well as I would have hoped. :(</p>

<p>Also, in my opinion, Pomona's campus is more beautiful and the dorms are supposedly nicer. I heard that the food at CMC is better. Also, one more thing, which college has a better library, or do they share one?</p>

<p>I really like the idea that Pomona and CMC are so close to each other and they're members of the Claremont College Consortium, so does it really matter which one I choose?</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice!</p>

<p>Both Pomona and CMC have very good poli sci departments. CMC's is slightly larger. The biggest difference is that CMC is more government (and economics) focused, and the student body and school culture reflects that. They're both fantastic schools, but Pomona's student body is spread across the entire academic spectrum. I believe economics is also Pomona's most popular major, but it is just around 5-8% of the student body. In other words, the Pomona student body has more diverse academic interests, which is one of the big reasons I personally chose Pomona over CMC.</p>

<p>Also note that CMC has some courses designated CMC only, so as a Pomona student, it's very difficult to get into some finance courses, for example. Other than that, you can take classes at each school. It does matter which one you choose in that you'll be spending most of your time with the students at your school, and the cultures are significantly different. The most obvious difference socially is that CMC's social life revolves much more around alcohol than Pomona's. You can still be happy at CMC not drinking, though, and you can definitely get drunk at Pomona, but drinking is more common/expected at CMC. </p>

<p>I agree that Pomona's campus is more beautiful (CMC's apparently reflects the "practical" nature of the school). The food at both schools is excellent when compared to most colleges, but its not something to choose one or the other over because you can eat at any of the 5C dining halls. And yes, all 5C's share the biggest library. </p>

<p>With that said, you definitely should "use the search function" for some past threads.</p>

<p>santeria: Thank you! </p>

<p>I think Pomona would be better for me because I'm not a partier. I checked out its website and I think the feel of it seems more natural than that of CMC's. I also like the more broad spectrum of academics.</p>

<p>HIC--Scripps grad here, married to a CMC'er. Everyone has given you good advice here...explaining the differences between the schools. I, personally, gravitate to Pomona, but I wanted to clarify something about CMC's campus. The college was initially founded right after WWII, as a men's college, in order to provide opportunities to returning GI's. Hence, the campus was quickly built in a stripped-down style common in the post-war US. So it's always a little unfair to compare it to Pomona, or Scripps, which were the original 5-C campuses built early in the 20th-century!</p>

<p>CMC has made up for it's simplicity by adding nice campus-wide facilities (more improvements are scheduled for the future), and of course the Atheneum (look it up on the website). Also, the Kravits center, scheduled to open in the fall, will be a tremendous new addition to the campus.</p>

<p>Can't go wrong with either school--assuming you get in, they're both tough. Good luck!!</p>

<p>siusplau: Thanks!</p>

<p>Yeah, that does make much more sense. I'll keep comparing the campuses and the schools in general. I am kind of leaning toward Pomona, but that could change!</p>

<p>Both are great schools, and as such, have great politics departments. To reiterate what was already said, CMC focuses more on government and econ, especially finance and business. Pomona offers comparatively few finance courses.</p>

<p>Everyone has their own opinions on which dining hall is the best. A lot of Pomona students are regulars at Collins (CMC's dining hall) and just as many CMCers enjoy Frary (a Pomona dining hall). The good news is that you can eat at any of the seven dining halls on the 5C's. I'm partial to Mudd dinner and Frank's of course. The library is also shared among the 5C's.</p>

<p>Pomona's dorms are nicer than CMC's. In fact, Pomona just built two new dorms that could easily pass as upscale hotels. Even if you have bad luck as a freshman, you'll still be living in some pretty sweet digs. </p>

<p>When I was deciding between the two schools, I too felt like there was no difference, but there definitely is. In general, Pomona is much more laid back than CMC, and it's certainly easier to stay away from the party scene at Pomona.</p>

<p>"Pomona's dorms are nicer than CMC's."</p>

<p>Yes, the new dorm at Pomona is very nice, but I don't agree with the sweeping nature of your statement. Claremont Hall at CMC is relatively new and one of the nicest dorms I have ever seen. CMC has a number of excellent dorms with very spacious suites, maid service and a host of other amenities. So I would respectfully disagree with you observation. Also, I disagree that Pomona is more laid back. I think the OP needs to visit the schools and make her own determination.</p>

<p>Definitely visit both schools and see for yourself. </p>

<p>Both colleges have nice dorm rooms. The two Pomona dorm rooms my daughter has had up to date have been spacious and she was in a single both times. (Could be a double if needed) This was nice because she could be alone when she chose to be and had a quiet room to study which was important to her. Her sponsor group was her immediate circle of friends and she expanded as she met other students she wanted to spend time with. The new dorm rooms are amazing, very modern and green with rooftop gardens. I actually prefer the Spanish charm of the older rooms but this is my taste speaking. </p>

<p>I am not sure if CMC is more competitive then Pomona however with my daughter and her Pomona friends, I do know they rarely discuss grades with one another so this confirms the non competitive atmosphere there.</p>

<p>Parent 57, while my daughter might wish she had the maid service CMC offers, as a mother I find this a negative rather than a positive. Kids at this age should be learning to care for themselves and the space around them. This means cleaning!</p>

<p>I would love to visit both, but I don't know if that will happen. I live in MO, so it'd be quite a road trip. My parents have said that I can only visit schools if I've been admitted to them. :-(</p>

<p>They both sound very nice, so maybe it's better to get into one and not the other, so I won't have to choose, but hopefully I'll have options besides those two. </p>

<p>From the pictures I've seen of Pomona's campus, it seems Spanish-y. Is it?</p>

<p>JB1867: Again, I think I would like the more laid-back feel at Pomona and I definitely want to stay away from the partying/drinking.</p>

<p>I love the Spanish architect of most of the dorms on the campus, it truly is lovely. It is the largest campus and more spread out with classes being held in several distinctly different buildings. The grounds are superb.
Scripps is gorgeous as well, a smaller campus then Pomona with lovely Spanish style buildings and gardens to die for.
Pitzer has a unique quirkiness about it with artistic flare, a fun vibe.
Harvey Mudd has a more techie and industrial feel that suits its personality.
CMC has great dorms but I am not a fan of the style, too motel/hotel looking for my taste. Their facilities are top notch though and the newer buildings are fabulous.</p>

<p>All the colleges are amazing, DD will be taking some classes this year at HM that are outside her comfort zone, she hopes she is up to the challenge. This is the great thing about the consortium; you have the advantage of finding classes and professors from the greater pool of resources available to you.</p>

<p>All great colleges, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Good luck applying!</p>


<p>I know you're posting on the CMC thread, but I thought I would respond here to your observation about applying to one and not both because it would be difficult to make a decision between the two. I am not sure you are aware how difficult it is to get admitted to either school. The admission rates are absurdly low. Your best bet is to apply to both and see where you get admitted. Then you can visit and make your decision.</p>

<p>parent57: Yeah, I know they're both like 16 percent, so it's better to assume that I won't get into either! Thanks for the advice!</p>

<p>What are your thoughts about the main library?</p>

<p>I was posting on both threads so I could get different opinions from people who attend one of the two.</p>

<p>parent57: The competition to get into all of the most-selective schools is crazy! I've gotta work hard and express myself well in the essays. Prayer works well too. :-)</p>


<p>Nothing ventured, nothing gained</p>

<p>Parent57: Exactly. My family has really discouraged me from applying anywhere but my state school. I know that I'm capable of more than that. And yes, I know that going to a top school isn't everything and it's about the education you receive and what you do with it, but it's about the experience. I just want to try. It could happen. :)</p>

<p>I'm not sure how the "maid service" works at CMC, but all the bathrooms are cleaned by housekeeping weekly (and I think maybe more frequently for bathrooms that are shared by more than a few people). Since a lot of the dorm rooms and suites on the upper campus of Pomona are 2-person, often 2-bedroom dorms with their own bathroom, they are also cleaned by housekeeping.</p>

<p>As a Pomona alum who came from Missouri, I highly recommend both CMC and Pomona (as well as the other Claremont Colleges)! I think it's reasonable not to visit until acceptances have arrived, particularly if finances are a huge concern, but make sure to show interest by attending college fairs or high school visits attended by Pomona (and other Claremont College) reps. And request an alumni interview in the fall (ideally before October, if not sooner).</p>

<p>gnatcire: That's awesome that you're from Missouri! </p>

<p>Thanks for the advice! </p>

<p>I think out of the two, I like CMC better. :) I wonder if there are any college fairs close to where I live... Hmmm...</p>

<p>KC and Saint Louis (where I'm from) are probably your best bets.</p>

<p>Thanks! I bet (and hope) you're right!</p>