Pomona College Waitlist 2020

I called yesterday and admissions said that my letter was downloaded. Admissions also said that decisions will be released next week! I definitely will keep all of you posted as to what the decision is. @momof2eagles

I am on 4 waitlists (UChicago, Pomona, Amherst, Williams) and have heard nothing from them thus far. I saw that you got off the Scripps waitlist already. Congratulations! How long do you have until you have to notify them if you are planning on attending Scripps or not? @lyannastark

@freenfly wishing good thoughts for you too. I do wish to share that both my kids college search journey ended very differently than where it started. My oldest is now at UC berkeley but he hoped and dreamed for another school he applied to Ed and was deferred in ed and eventually rejected. Flash forward 2 yrs and he loves loves his school and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else and is so glad he didn’t get into his ED school.

I am just saying this as its important to recognize that the college admissions process is full of disappointments and surprises and if you don’t get off the wait list or into what you think is your “dream school” it doesn’t mean you won’t be incredibly happy and successful at another school. I wish there was a CC thread started for kids who didn’t get into their dream schools and ended up at another school and ended up very happy.

My S now going to Pomona didn’t get into his ED school originally (later got in RD) but now is happy he didn’t get in so he could find Pomona his “new dream school”.

Love the schools that love you back!


We got the call on Wednesday night to check if we were still interested, the official offers will be sent sometime next week.

I sent my materials in the end of last month, but K haven’t received a call last week. Should I consider that as a no for now? Or they call only in special circumstances?
Pomona was and is my dream school… I want to get in so bad :s

I think they do call everyone to gauge their interest before making an offer, they are probably going down the list and calling one by one. There’s plenty of time, don’t give up just yet!

According to a post last year from @nostalgicwisdom not everyone admitted during the first wl round received a call but letters were received by early second week of May. Last year, offers continued through the last week of May.

Do you know if we are notified by mail or by email?

do you think they are going down the list alphabetically? If so what does your last name begin with? Sorry I just want to know if I can finally give up hope or if I have to keep holding on lol.

@freenfly I wasn’t waitlisted to Scripps! I got accepted to Scripps RD. I heard that you have 1 week exactly to reply to the offer.

Has anyone received an official offer of admission by way of email?

Last year waitlist decisions were released on May 11th so I am on edge rn lol

I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be the day. RD decisions were released on a Friday in March.

@lyannastark Do we know for sure that they’re taking anyone off the waitlist?

@lyannastark I don’t. However, I do recall reading somewhere that they under enrolled this year. I do not remember where the source was from though.

We got a call on the 4th evening to see if we were still interested, we said Yes, and they were supposed to send the official email/letter over this week, but yet to see them.

I too was told that decisions would come out this week. I am so tempted to call right now. @TheReds

No results today then? @lyannastark

I guess not. :frowning: @eskaliding

One of my D’s friends got off the waitlist last week. (Chem I think)