Pomona College Waitlist 2020

This is a thread for all of those waitlisted at Pomona college. Please share your thoughts, whether or not you will accept a position on the waitlist, and so on.

I feel like I’m queen of waitlists at this point…I’m on the waitlists for Pomona, Princeton, Brown, and UChicago, and got waitlist offers from WUSTL, Tufts, Cornell, and even URoc, of all places!!!

That said, we’ll see how this waitlist goes!! I really like Pomona, but I’d happily attend Northwestern or Johns Hopkins if things go south.

Ok, closing date is here so now I guess they’ll start scrubbing their list and making offers.


@lyannastark Since you’re already admitted to CMC and Scripps, you are already in the Claremont Community! My child has committed to Pomona, but will likely spend much time on the Scripps and CMC campuses. So even if you don’t get into Pomona, you still will enjoy the benefits of the C5 community. So all the best to you.

Does anyone know about their yield this year?
I calculated and if it remains 47% they will offer admissions to about 55 students.
I am so hopeful

The figure floating around last week was over 50%, but anticipation for something like that was probably factored into this year’s lower number of admits during the RD round. They definitely didn’t want to repeat the over-enrollment situation they had a couple of years ago.

@otisp Yes, the over-enrollment of the class of 2018 is still having ripple effects especially with housing draw. The class of 2019 was protected for housing as freshmen but definitely felt the impact in housing draw as rising sophomores, and will continue to do so until the Class of 2018 graduates.

@otisp Where did you get this information?

Someone who overheard one of the admissions folks making a guess at the final number towards the end of last week (before the last-minute “flurry” of decisions were made - so YMMV on a lot of levels).

wishing all good thoughts for those on the waitlist. Remember though if things don’t work out to LOVE THE SCHOOLS THAT LOVE YOU BACK!. I do think Forbes ranking Pomona number 1 this year will produce a high yield with less taken from wt list but I could be wrong. So hard to predict yield with so many applicants receiving multiple admissions.

Someone just got admitted off the Scripps wait list 12 hours ago. I know they are different colleges but the Claremont Colleges all have similar admissions periods so I am guessing that some decisions may be released soon.

@Redpandabear Thank you! If I can’t go to Pomona, at least I’ll be right across the street and able to take classes there.

@lyannastark Yes, and the distinctions of which of the 5C’s is a student’s home school blurs quickly, particularly because there are so many cross-5C class projects, extra-curricular activities, and athletic events. So you’re already part of the family.

@lyannastark I’m a politics and economics major so the apparent choice is CMC but I also love art history and media so I feel that Pomona would allow me to branch into that.

Hoping for the best. I just hope that all my materials will read on time because I have not received a confirmation that my letter of continued interest/updates letter was received by Pomona/my regional officer. I sent it via email.

I’m really having anxiety that all my materials were sent too late!!

@lyannastark crossing fingers for you but if not Pomona is a skip away to take those art history and media classes at.

I just called today. Waitlist decisions will be released next week.

@momof2eagles Thanks for your good vibes. I’ll need all the luck I can get to get into Pomona.

@lyannastark did you reach out to your regional admissions rep to make sure your continued interest material were received. you mentioned you did this by email and were not sure they were received. If your third quarter academic grades continued to by high/or went up, send that in too via your GC. Glad the class of 2020 is not over enrolled like it was 2 yrs ago and they will go to wt list to get exact numbers.

crossing toes now in addition to fingers . hopefully you will let us know good news.