Pomona ED, other top LACs?????

<p>Hey people,</p>

<p>I'll forego the pleasantries and go right to my scores</p>

<p>-SAT 1: 1500 (800m, 700v)
-SAT 2: 790 math2c, 750 writing, 710 US History(took sophomore year)
-GPA: 3.4 UW, 3.67 w (9-11, after senior year will be higher)
-UC GPA: 3.85
-School doesn't rank
-Will have taken 6 honors, and 8 APs by grad.
-Come from highly competitive and respected public school with ridiculous UC acceptance rate, from last years class 46 people out of a class of 580 are going to Berkeley, 47 to UCLA, so on and so forth. Three people are going to Pomona from my school, this is unheard of by the way. For those of you who want to know the gpa range of the people going to Pomona was 3.6-4.51 and SATs were 1470-1530.</p>

-Eagle scout (Pomona and CMC salivate over such things I hear) 9-12
-200+ community service hours 9-12
-Co-Founder of Guitar and Philosophy clubs 10-12
-JV Baseball 9-10
-Guitar 10-12
-Work in an architecture firm 11-12
-Scuba 9-12</p>

<p>I'm sure I'll have some great recs and my essays are superb according to all the specialists I've talked to, so.......evaluate me please.</p>

<p>Here's my list
Pomona (ED)
UC Berkeley
U of Puget Sound
Claremont McKenna
Cal Poly SLO
Cal Poly Pomona
and Wash U in St. Louis</p>

<p>my GPA is a bit on the weaker side for some of the schools I'm applying to, but I still think I have a chance. Is this an accurate assessment?</p>

<p>Dont worry about anybody but Berkeley, Pomona, amd Washington U</p>

<p>Very good chance.</p>

<p>Good chance.</p>

<p>Thanks, any more suggestions?????</p>

<p>bumpyity bump bump</p>