Pomona Optional Essay

<p>Does it matter how long this essay is? Does it have to be a 5 paragraph essay? I just wrote a short essay for Stanford's supplement (Intellectual vitality or what matters to me, approx. 250 words) and I wanted to see if I can just use one of them for my Pomona essay as well. I will be using it for Prompt #1 (What experience in high school has mattered most to you? How do you see this experience influencing your decision-making in college?). </p>

<p>This is the instructions:</p>

<p>Writing Sample</p>

<p>In the instructions for The Common Application, students are required to submit only one writing sample. If you only submitted one sample, you are strongly encouraged to respond to one of the following prompts. You should view this as an opportunity to share additional information about yourself with the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee is interested in both your ideas and in how you express them and will read your writing with regard to both content and style.</p>