Pomona or Harvey Mudd for Biology?

Hi! I’m currently building my college list and I am unsure of whether to apply to Pomona or Harvey Mudd. I am interested in cellular/molecular biology and environmental science and I would like to minor in public policy and data science.
Which college would be the best based on my interests? Advice?

Of the Claremonts, Harvey Mudd might be the school least suited to your array of interests.

Agreed. HMC is amazing for a lot of things, but with one exception, the interests you list are among the things that Pomona is known for. That exception is data science and while the only 5C that offers a major in that is CMC (and one of the core courses is taught at Pomona - where computer science has recently been the fastest growing major), there is also data science center at the 7C library that serves all of the colleges and hosts various workshops and an annual (well, so far not this year) data science conference: https://colleges.claremont.edu/datascience/. And, of course, at any of the 5Cs you are allowed to take a large proportion of your classes at the other Claremonts.