Pool availability

If a school has a swimming team, what time of day would they practice? Would the pool otherwise be open to students? I ask because I’ve been advised because my ECs are non-sports to take up a recreational sport. Due to my physique and fitness level, I’d probably swim for exercise (I’m a competent swimmer)

Depends on the school. Also, if they have a water polo team, that is another block of time where the pool is unavailable.

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A recreational sport isn’t a necessary EC or more desired than any other EC, if that is what someone told you.

Participate in ECs that you like, not for what you think a college wants. Of course if you want to swim for the health benefits that’s great.


This is an easy question to get answered. Call the swim center at any college you are curious about-- the person at the desk who answers the phone can tell you how it works. There are some colleges with TWO pools- one always available for laps and training, one only available for laps when a team isn’t using it. But there will be a schedule sitting there and someone can read it off to you. There’s a college near me which had terrible town/gown relationships until they opened the lap pool to the general public (with a schedule posted online). Amazing how quickly that calmed the tension!!!

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Yeah, the person framed physical activity as good for physical/mental health. Something I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with. :smiley:

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Found contact info for pool director at school of interest. Sent quick message.

He got back to me. He’s hoping they can return to normal availability this fall. :crossed_fingers:

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