Poor Grades

<p>A big thing that has worried me is my grades. They seem like they'd be too low for Stern, Carnegie Mellon, USC, UCLA, Emory and other such schools, and I only have an UW gpa of 3.88 on an A=90-100=4.0, B=80-89=3.0... scale. On the the A=93-100=4.0, A-=90-92=3.7... scale, I only have a 3.78.</p>

<p>My school doesn't have literal honors classes, but we have a thing called pre advanced placement and gt placement. Both are given more wait than normal classes but right below AP and IB classes. So, I'm thinking that colleges will consider them honors classes, and as of now here are my grades. Waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too many A-'s. When junior year ends I should have: 5 B's, 13 A-'s (90-93), and 18 A's and A+'s(94-100).</p>

<p>8th Grade (two high school level classes taken, they factor into my GPA and are on my transcript)</p>

<p>Spanish 95/97
Algebra 1 97/97</p>

<p>9th grade
English GT 90/91
Spanish Pre AP 94/94
Geometry GT 88/90
Biology GT 90/92
AP Human Geography 89/88</p>

<p>10th Grade (Different school in same district, no AP's offered this year, all Pre-Ap though):
English Pre AP 91/92
World History Pre AP 91/92
Chemistry Pre AP 87/92
Algebra 2 Pre AP 90/92
Spanish Pre AP 84/92</p>

<p>11th Grade
AP English 95/96
AP Physics 94/98
AP US History 95/96
Pre AP Precal 94/98
Community College Psychology 99
Community College Government 99
Spanish Pre AP 94/97</p>

<p>So how badly are my grades going to hurt me for the schools listed above?</p>

<p>IMO, as long as you don't slack off from that upward trend, you'll be just fine!</p>

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