Poor Subject Test-Chance?

I posted this under the Cornell section but I think it belongs here:

Ok, so I was wondering if I apply ED to Cornell how bad one REALLY REALLY bad subject test score would hurt me. I had to submit it because they require all scores. If my regular SATs are not fabulous but not low (in the middle for Cornell) and I got 710 on Math II and a 580 (CRIES) on Physics will they just throw my application away? My GPA and class rank are very strong (top 2%). My school is a good school with pretty strong curriculum/students and last year sent two kids to Cornell RD.

So basically I am happy with my superscored SAT (after two attempts: 690CR/710M/790W = 2190)
I have strong ECs-lots of leadership, service, and other activities.
I am happy with my essays-I think they are pretty strong
My recs are strong too.

I don’t plan on studying physics obviously and I am going to take and submit Subject Test scores in November (that will hopefully arrive in time).

Is it over?


What do you plan on studying?

If you’re an engineering applicant, don’t get your hopes up.

Oh sorry, CAS-no way engineering lol, I know I would have 0 chance!

No one score is going to sink your chances. The 580 certainly doesn’t help, but you’re in with a chance - albeit a reduced one.