Popped Collars

<p>Why is there so much animosity here towards the popped collar? All it is is a few inches of extra fabric showing on a polo shirt. I don't understand how it can upset so many people. Does the fact that my collar isn't folded down immediately knock me down a rung on the social ladder? For goodness sakes, it is just a way of wearing a shirt. I am from Seattle, we have been doing it like that for years. I am not in a frat, I don't shop at Abercrombie and Hollister, and I did not grow up in a sheltered white suburb. So why must you me for a simple article of clothing? Please please please explain</p>

<p>It is a sign of superciliousness and eber-whiteness...also, here at Michigan we like to think indepently (hence the banner in the diag "pop your collar on your own time") so not with standing a few frats, we don't have a huge popped collar problem. MSU and georgetown are where all the white chotch popped collar preps are so please don't bring up that topic on this board</p>

<p>And wearing ratty jeans and t-shirts is a sign of ??? Independence or reverse fashion??</p>


<p>It's a way of wearing a shirt. People need to chill out about it. It's just clothing.</p>

<p>I pop my collar everytime I wear a collared shirt. It's wicked cool.</p>

<p>dwgrose: i am from seattle too. what school do you go to. </p>

<p>i want to go to michigan, and i too pop my collar every time i wear one of my many poly shirts. one day nirvana will catch on and realize that popping your collar is where it's at. Thanks to my consistent collar-popping, i am incredibly cool. i plan on going to michigan, popping my collar nonstop, and walking past people like nirvana and popping my collar right in their face. </p>

<p>it's just as much of a fashion statement (if you'd even call it that) to wear your collar up as it is to wear store-bought torn jeans, or, even worse, tear brand new jeans so they look old.</p>

<p>I went to Roosevelt, class of 03. What about you?</p>

<p>it bugs me because I'm pretty sure Abercrombie had alot to do with this new trend. As soon as their models started posing with popped collars, the sheep followed and every cool teenager and his father began popping their collars.</p>

<p>it seems everything that abercrombie decides is cool becomes mainstream... no questions.</p>

<p>Popping collars has its roots w/ 80's preppiness - way before Abercrombie started pushing it recently. Popping collars rock. Even East Village grunge boys in NY pop their collars. </p>

<p>D-Money, you make me laugh. Pop on!</p>

<p>well most people popping their collars today were in diapers in the 80's... </p>

<p>perhaps the style originated in the 80's? OK I'll grant you that. But Abercrombie ressurected it.</p>

<p>I think Abercrombie not so much resurrected the popped collar as they mad it mainstream. There have always been enclaves of raised collars, (my high school being one example), but these were exceptions, rather than rules.</p>